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WalkingTec.Mvvm for core

Walkingtec.mvvm framework (WTM) is a rapid development framework based on .net core. It supports LayUI, React, VUE. WTM has built-in code generator to maximize development efficiency. It is a powerful tool for efficient web development.

Coverage Status Member project of .NET Core Community Gitter GitHub license FOSSA Status

CI Build Status

Platform Build Server SDK Master Status Develop Status
Azure Pipelines Windows/Linux/OSX v2.2.300 Build Status Build Status
Azure Pipelines Windows/Linux/OSX v3.1.101 Build Status Build Status
Azure Pipelines Windows/Linux/OSX v5.0.103 Build Status Build Status
Azure Pipelines Windows/Linux/OSX v6.0.101 Build Status Build Status

Nuget Packages

Package name Version Downloads
WalkingTec.Mvvm.Core NuGet downloads
WalkingTec.Mvvm.Mvc NuGet downloads
WalkingTec.Mvvm.Mvc.Admin NuGet downloads
WalkingTec.Mvvm.TagHelpers.LayUI NuGet downloads

WTM Features

WTM provides 4 types of ViewModel, covering all of the common functionalities of mainstream web applications.

  • CrudVM provides most common functionalities for data addition, deletion and modification.

  • ListVM provides paging and exporting functionality.

  • ImportVM & TemplateVM provides importing via excel functionality.

  • BatchVM provides batch operation functionality.

  • WTM has its own code generator, which makes development efficient and fast.

  • WTM provides dozens of client-side controls, including Form, Grid, Panel, Dialog and quite alot of other common controls.

  • WTM provides built-in user, role, user group, Data permission, page permission, menu, log, mail, SMS, file and other common back-end functionalities;

  • WTM supports single sign on, portal and distributed database;

  • WTM provides simplified integration with libraries such as Redis, DFS etc.

  • WTM provides both server-side and client-side frameworks for building user interfaces.

Mode UI Status
Server-side LayUI Stable
Client-side React Stable
Client-side VUE Stable
Server/Client Blazor Stable

Under WTM framework's client-side mode, you can also use code generator to generate server-side and client-side code at the same time, greatly reducing the communication cost of front-end and back-end developers, essentially improving the development efficiency, so that "separation" is no longer complex and expensive.

Framework document address:

Frame QQ communication group: 694148336(full), 892848149 (group2)

version 5.0x is in VNext branch

Click here to generate a WTM project online and experience the beauty of WTM immediately~~~

At present, we are a team of 7 developers. We are looking for all kinds of C#, React, VUE experts to join us!

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