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Shader that "emulates" the rendering style of ps1
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Shaders collection for Unity that "emulates" the rendering style of ps1

WebPlayer (it's an old build):

You can see it in action here:

ScreenShot ScreenShot

#Content & usage psx_retroshader includes 4 shaders, plus a simple posterize image effect (cPrecision.cs):

  • unlit
  • vertex lit
  • trasparent unlit
  • trasparent vertex lit
  • Reflective shaders (Add & Mult variants)

Vertex lit shaders now supports spotlights too!

Example of the posterize shader: ScreenShot

All shaders supports Fog, polygon cut-out & distortion amount.

  • Fog color & distance is driven by Unity fog settings (remember to set as linear fog).
  • Polygon cutout is driven by tha alpha channel of Fog Color, it works by cutting every polygon that are greater in distance than fogstart+fogcolor.alpha (fog color is in range 0-1 but is multiplied in the shader by 255)
  • Distortion amount is driven by the alpha channel of unity's ambient color, you can adjust it as you please.

#Warning Like the original ps1 this shader use affine texture mapping, so if you apply a texture on a large quad you'll see it very distored. To avoid excessive distortion you have to add triangless to the mesh.



As you can see the effect is better when the mesh is subdivided (bottom left mesh) instead of when the mesh have a low poly count (top right mesh)

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