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Testing required:
These are some of the areas that we would like to receive feedback on:

  • The upgrading process from v1.x to v2.x. This should be a matter of uploading the alpha release files onto the latest v1.x installation. After visiting your website you will be redirected to the admin area where it will assist you in the upgrade process. Your data will be retained but please always backup your data first, as with any update, just in case.
  • Backwards Compatibility (BC). This includes the ability to use plugins and themes (that were originally created for 1.x) on 2.x installations. Anything that worked on a 1.x installation should work on 2.x. (In some cases minimal adjustments may be required).
    The forum plugin is an exception to this as it has been heavily modified in the way it stores its data. You can notify us of outdated plugins here: #195
  • New features. Several new features such as the media-manager and the integration of jQuery and Bootstrap need testing. Feel free to comment on all of those new features.

More info here: e107 Inc. releases its initial ‘alpha’ version of e107 v2

Be aware that the alpha release is a development release. Caution is advised when upgrading from a live website. Always make proper backups before upgrading!