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@fernandojsg fernandojsg released this
· 29 commits to dev since this release

Migration Guide:

  • You must call world.registerComponent() before registering systems that use these components.
  • We updated Prettier to its latest version and it changed two rules: trailing commas and single parameter arrow functions with parenthesis.
  • We have development mode that will increase the checks and warnings thrown to the user if you are using the API incorrectly, for example:
    • Try to set an attribute on a Component which has been not been defined in its schema
    • Try to modify a Component returned by with getComponent() (Instead of getMutableComponent())

Change Log:

  • fixes .set() to use only 2 arguments a12bf6e
  • Merge pull request #241 from xr3ngine-archive/init-typescript 42ce1a3
  • Shouldn't be abstract 74a5f34
  • Added init to System.d.ts 50f850b
  • Update 695a720
  • Merge pull request #240 from MozillaReality/entity-system-types c7ccfc8
  • Merge branch 'dev' into entity-system-types d9696ad
  • Add queries to system constructor 1767798
  • Make getComponent etc. use optional return types 5c6e7dc
  • Merge pull request #238 from MozillaReality/fix-linting fe94874
  • Merge pull request #239 from xr3ngine-archive/hasRegisteredComponent 1777e1f
  • Add ;s to pass linting e469d7c
  • Upgrade prettier and fix linting f43b121
  • Merge pull request #236 from xr3ngine-archive/hasRegisteredComponent b70c78e
  • Added world.hasRegisteredComponent 9a4f54c
  • Merge pull request #235 from MozillaReality/remove-undefined-components 684b2fa
  • Remove undefined from getComponent type 91de2d9
  • Merge pull request #227 from MozillaReality/docs 5ff1086
  • Fix decrement loop 18fa3a9
  • Update site/docs/manual/ fdb5544
  • Update site/docs/manual/ c59cef0
  • Update site/docs/manual/ d5fa0e0
  • Update site/docs/manual/ 4d21534
  • Update site/docs/manual/ fa8ed3a
  • Update site/docs/manual/ 774c72e
  • Merge pull request #233 from sheepsteak/readonly-components ce47c5d
  • Merge pull request #230 from zeddic/fix-system-types 3d94d38
  • Change getRemovedComponent to return readonly component 6d8bdc2
  • Allow getMutableComponent to return undefined 5fefe49
  • Update Entity getComponent tests for development and production 2a921e4
  • Fix getComponent type 3731762
  • Merge pull request #232 from sheepsteak/fix-stats-test 6a504ed
  • Fix Stats test 4482ad3
  • Fix types for System's queries changed option. 5447024
  • Update to peerjs https c0cac9a
  • Use bc7aa82
  • Fix registration order 31f8ddd
  • Merge pull request #222 from MozillaReality/fix-query-collision f42fe03
  • Rename names to ids in the Utils.queryKey a884839
  • Merge pull request #228 from MozillaReality/fernandojsg-patch-1 181255e
  • Update ab8c916
  • Fixes #165, added missing docs 696c8b4
  • Merge pull request #225 from MozillaReality/stats 4f1c854
  • Add world.stats test 3a09e1d
  • Merge pull request #224 from MozillaReality/timer 12015f3
  • Change elapsed time and delta if no values are provided e534c95
  • Fix linter be8455f
  • Remove debugger 3cbbac8
  • Introduce throw when creating a query or registering a system with unregistered components 95c93e5
  • Fix ball example 392fb3f
  • Add check for Components registered before registering a system c44b97a
  • Change order on the three example 9c7af44
  • Add a simple test for _typeId 91d6851
  • Updates queryKey to use the Component typeId. Adds a regression test. fe6dc11
  • Bump lodash from 3.10.1 to 4.17.19 2a65212
  • Merge pull request #195 from MozillaReality/checkattributes 3697ae3
  • Add production check in checkUndefinedAttributes 883cfb3
  • Fix tests fe0bef1
  • checkUndefinedAttributes on schema 72451da
  • Check component attributes not defined on schema 758c668
  • Merge pull request #218 from zeddic/add-get-system-types 94a6da4
  • Merge pull request #217 from sheepsteak/replace-debug a57edcc
  • Merge pull request #216 from sheepsteak/fix-entity-tests d89aeb4
  • Update World.getSystem() typescript type to return the requested System type instead of System. f571544
  • Add docs about development mode b1533e3
  • Switch to using NODE_ENV d00051b
  • Use replace in Rollup 401f544
  • Add @rollup/plugin-replace 13d6541
  • Fix and enable Entity tests 0e4a0fb
  • Merge pull request #212 from MozillaReality/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/lodash-4.17.19 c262f94
  • Bump lodash from 3.10.1 to 4.17.19 9356013