electron v1.3.4

@zcbenz zcbenz released this Aug 23, 2016 · 1756 commits to master since this release


  • Use String instead of Buffer to represent certificate data. #6814, #6881
  • Add isMainFrame parameter to the did-navigate-in-page event. #6810
  • Fix privileged schemes not able to send CORS requests. #6816
  • Fix hasImageContents parameter of context-menu event being wrong. #6817
  • Fix crash on garbage collection in renderer process. #6832
  • Fix memory leak when render view is deleted. #6857
  • Fix relative URLs not working when changing win.location for objects returned by window.open. #6861
  • Fix webRequest.onBeforeSendHeaders API drops headers with "." in the name. #6856
  • Fix crash when using fetch in renderer process. #6926
  • Fix ses.enableNetworkEmulation not working with default options. #6935


  • Add support for titleBarStyle: 'hidden' on OS X 10.9. #6848
  • Fix window size being changed when calling setClosable, setMaximizable and setMinimizable APIs. #6850
  • Fix "Hide extension" checkbox showing for open dialog. #6872


  • Add path and args parameters to app.setAsDefaultProtocolClient API. #6858
  • Fix menu item roles not working correctly when having hidden windows. #6851
  • Fix thumbar buttons disappeared after calling win.setSkipTaskbar(skip). #6829