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An ember cli like web based javascript sharing tool.

  • Ember Twiddle uses Github Gists as persistence layer. Once you hit Save on a newly created Twiddle, it will create a public Gist under your Github account.
  • If you'd like to help out, check out We are looking for help maintaining the project. If you have contributed and would like to be made a maintainer, please make a request on the Discord channel or via email.
  • Ember Twiddle uses a backend for compiling addons. It is currently located at

Browser support

To make using Ember Twiddle secure, we use the sandbox and srcdoc attributes of the <iframe> element. Especially srcdoc is not supported by any version of IE at the moment and older versions of other browsers also lack support for sandbox. Furthermore, the sandbox prohibits the use of cookies, localStorage, IndexedDB, Web Workers, etc.

We are planning to move to a secure solution with better compatibility soon (most likely one where the twiddle is run on a different domain).

Ember support

The latest working version of Ember in Ember Twiddle is 3.4. Feel free to open a PR to extend the supported versions.


You can use the issue tracker to provide feedback, suggest features or report bugs. Before you open an issue though, make sure you check to see whether it's not already fixed on master. Of course, you should also check whether an issue doesn't exist already (if it does, use the comments to provide additional input).



Security-related issues

If you run into a security-related issue, please do not open an issue for it but instead email (preferably with a twiddle demonstrating the issue).