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3D 180/360 video player for macOS and PSVR
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What is this?

3D 180/360 video player for macOS for PSVR with head tracking.


Download here

Setup instructions

  • Power ON the PS4.
  • Connect the HDMI from PSVR headset to the computer (leave the other connector connected to processing box).
  • Connect any other HDMI screen in place of the headset (must be ON - use your TV)
  • Connect USB from PSVR processing box to your computer.
  • If confused, see the wiring diagram below.
  • Launch the app and choose the video (mp4, mov, m4v supported now) and pick the correct format from the dropbox.
  • That's it - it should work now. Use "R" button to reset view.

Wiring Diagram


Supported modes

  • 2D 180°
  • 3D 360° Horizontal (Stacked)
  • 3D 180° Vertical (Side By Side)


  • Enter - Toggle fullscreen
  • Space - Play / Pause
  • Arrows - Skip backward / forward
  • R - Center view / reset orientation
  • ESC - Exit fullscreen / quit
  • Mouse drag - Look around
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