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v1.2.0 - minor updates

@slingamn slingamn released this
· 2717 commits to master since this release
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We're pleased to announce Oragono 1.2.0. This version contains bug fixes and minor improvements.

Many thanks to @bogdomania, @csmith, @edmund-huber, @jesopo, @jwheare, @poVoq, @prawnsalad, and stealthgin for reporting issues and contributing code reviews, and also to @bogdomania, Forbidden (cptbl00dra1n), Nuve, @streaps, and UnLokitoFeliz for contributing translations.

This release includes a change to the config file format: the old server.listen format for configuring listeners has been replaced by a new server.listeners format. See the bundled oragono.yaml configuration file for a commented example. For now, Oragono maintains backwards compatibility with the old format. To minimize potential downtime, we recommend the following workflow:

  1. Without rewriting your config file, upgrade your oragono binary to the new 1.2.x version and restart your server
  2. Rewrite your configuration file to use the new server.listeners format
  3. Rehash your server, confirming that the rewritten config file is valid and correct

This release includes a database change. If you have datastore.autoupgrade set to true in your configuration, it will be automatically applied when you restart Oragono. Otherwise, you can update the database manually by running oragono upgradedb (see the manual for complete instructions).

Config Changes

  • Replaced server.listen section with server.listeners; see oragono.yaml for a commented example (#565)
  • Added history.autoresize_window for automatically resizing history buffers (#349)


  • Added STS-only listeners; you can configure port 6667 so that it "redirects" clients to TLS on port 6697. See the manual for details. (#448)
  • Added the CHANLIMIT ISUPPORT token (#625, thanks @poVoq!)
  • Added ban creator and creation time to banlist output (#644, thanks stealthgin!)


  • Upgraded to the new draft/labeled-response-0.2 capability (#555)
  • oragono mkcerts no longer overwrites existing certificate files (#622, thanks @poVoq!)
  • Allowed Tor and non-Tor connections to attach to the same nickname via bouncer functionality (#632)


  • Fixed CAP LS 302 response being potentially truncated (#594, #661)
  • Fixed redundant output to some MODE commands (#649)
  • Improved display of replies to /msg NickServ verify in some clients (#567, thanks @edmund-huber!)
  • Improved display of NickServ timeout warnings in some clients (#572, thanks @bogdomania!)
  • LUSERS output is now sent at the end of connection registration (#526)
  • Fixed operators not being able to WHOIS some Unicode nicknames (#331, thanks @bogdomania!)
  • Fixed RESUME not clearing the BRB reason (#592, thanks @jesopo!)
  • Fixed an edge case where the BRB timestamp wasn't reset correctly (#642)
  • Fixed behavior of SAMODE issued against a different user (#585)
  • Fixed a false-positive error logline (#601)
  • is no longer advertised when disabled in the config (#595)
  • Made the connection limiter and throttler more resilient against the failure to whitelist a reverse proxy IP (#197, thanks @prawnsalad!)

Internal Notes

  • Official builds now use Go 1.13, which includes native TLS 1.3 support (#626)
  • Minor performance improvements (#640, #615)