Haunted Hedgehog Release Candidate

@tsloughter tsloughter released this May 15, 2014 · 389 commits to master since this release

  • Breaking change: To better handle multiple releases from same root and output dir relx now outputs to <output_dir>/<rel_name>/
  • Fix #178 remote_console when -sname <name> doesn't include the hostname
  • Fix #130 resolve root directory to absolute path
  • Fix merging of config file settings and command line arguments so arguments have precedence
  • Option addded to extended start script to replace env vars in config files by setting os var $RELX_REPLACE_OS_VARS
  • Fix for dev_mode symlink traversal in discover provider
  • Broke relup and tar out in to their own providers
  • Fully integrated with concrete https://github.com/opscode/concrete