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Offering the JBoss BPM BAM Dashboard Builder for you in standalone mode on OpenShift.
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Update: June 2018 moved to Gitlab

JBoss BPM BAM Dashboard Builder on OpenShift

Installing the JBoss BPM Dashboard Builder standalone on OpenShift was never easier!

This git repository helps you get up and running quickly with the JBoss BPM BAM Dashboard Builder.

Running on OpenShift

Create an account at

Create a JBoss AS instance

rhc app create -t jbossas-7 --from-code git:// bampreview

There is one step to add the user login files that are not being correctly copied to the JBoss server. Wsing the RHC SCP command, copy the following files, then the login will work below.

 rhc scp bampreview bampreview/.openshift/config/bam-*.properties jbossas/standalone/configuration/

That's it, you can now checkout your application at:


Just follow the link provided to the designer login:


Login credentials

       user: erics

   password: erics


BAM Dashbuilder

BAM Dashboard


  • v1.1 running on JBoss AS 7, standalone product BAM Dashboard Builder.

  • v1.0 running on JBoss AS 7, standalone BAM Dashboard Builder.

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