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Updated coreMQTT to v2.1.1 for 202210.01-LTS release

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IMPORTANT: Please choose the branch of this repo, based on the FreeRTOS-LTS release that you would like to base your application on.

If you are using the older (3.x.x) aws-iot-device-sdk-embedded-C release, please checkout the release/v3.1.x branch.

This framework enables AWS IoT cloud connectivity with ESP32 based platforms using AWS IoT Device Embedded C SDK.

Getting Started

  • Please clone this branch of the repository using
    git clone -b "<name_of_the_release_branch>" --recursive
    For example: To clone just release/202012.04-LTS, you may run:
    git clone -b "release/202012.04-LTS" --recursive
  • Please refer to for setting up ESP-IDF
    • ESP-IDF can be downloaded from
    • Please set your branch to release/v4.3 or release/v4.4 and pull in the latest changes.
    • IDF release/v5.0 is not supported.
  • Please refer to example README for more information on setting up examples.
  • For a production-ready starting point for making applications that connect to AWS IoT Core using esp-aws-iot, refer to the reference example.
  • This framework supports multiple ways to securely store the PKI credentials.
    • The default method is to use PKI credentials which are embedded in the binary, using the certs from the certs/ in every example.
    • For using Secure Element (ATECC608A), you will need to use esp-cryptoauthlib.
    • For using Digial Signature Peripheral (Available on the ESP32-C3, ESP32-S2 and ESP32-S3), you will need to use esp_secure_cert_mgr.