@jedeen jedeen released this Apr 6, 2018 · 64 commits to master since this release

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Thanks to @pathurs, @dgparker, and @rougepied for their contributions!


  • New typesafe and override safe event lifecycle overriding, all onEventName handlers will no longer be dangerous to override (#582)
    • New lifecycle event onPreKill and onPostKill
  • SpriteSheets can now produce animations from bespoke sprite coordinates SpriteSheet.getAnimationByCoords(engine, coords[], speed) (#918)
  • Added drag and drop support for Actors (#134)
    • New Event enter
    • New Event leave
    • New Event pointerenter
    • New Event pointerleave
    • New Event pointerdragstart
    • New Event pointerdragend
    • New Event pointerdragmove
    • New Event pointerdragenter
    • New Event pointerdragleave
    • New Class PointerDragEvent which extends PointerEvent
    • New Class GlobalCoordinates that contains Vectors for the world, the page, and the screen.
    • Added property ICapturePointerConfig.captureDragEvents which controls whether to emit drag events to the actor
    • Added property PointerEvent.pointer which equals the original pointer object


  • Sprite.sx, Sprite.sy, Sprite.swidth, Sprite.sheight has be deprecated in favor of Sprite.x, Sprite.y, Sprite.width, Sprite.height (#918)


  • Added missing lifecycle event handlers on Actors, Triggers, Scenes, Engine, and Camera (#582)
  • Tile Maps now correctly render negative x-axis coordinates (#904)
  • Offscreen culling in HiDPI mode (#949)
    • Correct bounds check to check drawWidth/drawHeight for HiDPI
    • suppressHiDPIScaling now also suppresses pixel ratio based scaling
  • Extract and separate Sprite width/height from drawWidth/drawHeight to prevent context corruption (#951)