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Excalidraw Libraries


Create your own library

  1. Open Excalidraw and draw some objects.
  2. Optional: Make sure every object is it's own group (by selecting it and clicking "Group selection" or Ctrl+G).
  3. Add each object you want in your library like so:
  • Select the object
  • Open the library menu (by clicking on the "library" button or typing 9)
  • The selected object should appear in a square. Click on it (you will see a + sign when hovering over it)
  1. Still in the library menu, select the libraries you want to publish (hover over a library item and you should see a checkbox, clicking on which will select the library item).

  2. Hit the publish button (in blue), and fill out the details.

Gif showing how to add a single object and export the library

If you want to test your library file, use the "Load" button in the library menu to reimport it.


  1. Don't submit a library that's only for your personal use case, and will not be useful to others.
  2. Don't submit items which are easy to create directly. For example, a single arrow or a square.
  3. Don't republish (copy/paste) items from other libraries without making any significant changes.
  4. We only accept libraries in English. This includes any texts/labels, and library description and titles. (In the future, we may accept other languages.)
  5. In general, each item should be usable and stand on its own. (In the future we'll support filtering and installing items individually.)
  6. In general, a library should be composed of at least 3 items, and the items should be related to each other (be in a single category).
  7. If a library item consists of multiple elements, you should group them together so that the item acts as a single unit when inserting on canvas. Exception being templates or if you really think it works better if ungrouped.

Check out our existing libraries to get started.

Once the library is submitted for review, changes may be requested if the guidelines above are not followed or the quality doesn't meet the standards of the published libraries.