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React is an open source JavaScript library used for designing user interfaces.
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jbolda commented Feb 12, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When first installing and running tauri init, we should provide an input for a few of the major required settings specifically the path settings and app name. At the completion of the init script, we can note where these config options were stored to make it easier for the user to find them.

Additionally, we can add a `readme.m

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Rollbar provides real-time, full-stack exception reporting and debugging tools for developers. Rollbar integrates in moments with apps built in JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, Android, iOS, Go, Java, .NET and more.

Rollbar integrates with GitHub to link stack traces to the underlying source code, correlate exceptions to code changes, and create GitHub issues so teams can manage errors in their existing workflow.

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kingcos commented Oct 30, 2018




OK,可以基本确定不是仓库 Owner 所为。而且有人用脚本监控了 Star 的用户的邮箱,并使用了随机的 163 邮箱。追查可能不太现实,大家不要相信即可。

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superchiku commented Apr 24, 2020

Hi Team

Can we pass on a feedback to the team that maintains the documentation for the Azure SDK to provide more details which could help customers as the current documentation is cluttered and doesn't have proper verbal explanations of the available apis and methods .

It will be great if we can improve the documentation a bit so that it will be helpful for end customers


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ST-DDT commented Dec 16, 2019

Is your feature request related to a problem?

I have a (Spring) discovery service based NameResolver which sends regular updates/ticks to the application, however it does not contain details which service name might have changed. So I have to check them for updates frequently, even if only one is service updated.

Should I verify whether the server addresses remained the same before inv

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lpotter commented Apr 29, 2020

When I try using emscripten_fetch and use a url that has a non functional port number, like, it will return quickly in the onsuccess handler, with "None" as the data payload.

Using XMLHttpRequest javascript, it will simply timeout after a while and return in the onerror handler.

Using the fetch javascript API, it will also timeout and call the onerror handler.

I would

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Google Cloud Build

Google Cloud Build

Google Cloud Build lets you create fast, consistent, reliable builds across all languages. Automatically build containers or non-container artifacts on commits to your GitHub repository. Get complete control over defining custom workflows for building, testing, and deploying across multiple environments such as VMs, serverless, Kubernetes, or Firebase.

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