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CSRF Vulnerability (CVE 2015 1585)

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A Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability has been found and fixed in the most recent version of Fat Free CRM. You are strongly encouraged to update your installation.

Versions affected: all versions

Fixed version: v0.13.6


CSRF token verification was found to be defective on requests submitted to a Fat Free CRM server. This led to Fat Free CRM being vulnerable to CSRF-type attacks.

What is CSRF?

Please see


For those needing to patch manually, please apply the following patch:


The following CVE reference has been assigned: CVE-2015-1585

Further reading


Sven Schleier, KPMG Management Consulting, Singapore for reporting the issue via

Responsible disclosure policy

Please report issues to We will work with you to understand the issue and how we can fix it. Please do not disclose the issue publicly until it has been resolved and released. We're more than willing to give you credit for discovering the issue, once it has been patched and announced, but until then we ask that you consider the security implications of the issue you have found and the impact on others using an un-patched system.

Further details can be found here: