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Awesome Opal Awesome



Video Presentations


  • Clearwater - Component-based Ruby front-end framework
  • Glimmer DSL for Opal - Pure-Ruby Web GUI and Auto-Webifier of Glimmer Desktop Apps
  • Hyperstack - A Complete Isomorphic Ruby Framework using React, Rails and Opal
  • Inesita - Frontend web application framework in Ruby using Opal.
  • Lissio - lissio is a VCL (Vai Col Lissio) framework for Opal to implement frontends completely on the client side.
  • Opal Ferro - Create webapps object-oriented style. No HTML, just beautiful and simple Ruby code
  • Opal Praha - An opal-vienna rewrite with Convention over Configuration in mind
  • Snabberb - A minimalistic reactive frontend web framework written in Ruby / Opal and based on Snabbdom.
  • Vienna - Client-side MVC framework for Opal
  • Volt - A Ruby web framework where your Ruby runs on both server and client


  • Dare - Ruby Web Game library on top of Opal
  • Electron Opal - Lightweigt Ruby wrapper around the geat electron desktop application engine
  • Grand Central - State-management and action-dispatching for Opal apps
  • Hyalite - This is ruby virtual DOM implementation using opal. It is inspired by react.js.
  • Jekyll Opal - Let Jekyll convert your Ruby into JavaScript using Opal
  • Negasonic - Music live coding in the browser, powered by Tone.rb
  • Opal ActionCable - Opal wrapper for rails actioncable
  • Opal ActionPack - A small port of the awesome action pack to Opal JS
  • Opal ActiveRecord - An basic implementation of rails active record for use with opaljs
  • Opal ActiveSupport - The port of the glorious ActiveSupport for Opal
  • Opal Async - Non-blocking tasks and enumerators for Opal.
  • Opal Browser - Browser support for Opal.
  • Opal Builder - An attempt at making the builder XML gem work with Opal
  • Opal Dom - Simple DOM for Opal (legacy?)
  • Opal Eventable - Eventable module for Opal
  • Opal Events - An Events Plugin for Opal
  • Opal Factory Girl - Get Factory Girl working on Opal (sans ActiveRecord support). Still a work in progress.
  • Opal Haml - Opal + Haml = <3
  • Opal Handlebars - Experimental handlebars parser/generator for opal.
  • Opal IRB - IRB (interactive ruby) for Opal
  • Opal Mikado - An Opal library for working with Mikado graphs.
  • Opal Minitest - Minitest, now for Opal!
  • Opal Models - Client side modelling with Opal
  • Opal Music - create music tunes with ruby in the browser
  • Opal Native - React Native in Ruby
  • Opal Observer - KVO style observers for Opal
  • Opal Overwolf - Overwolf support for Opal.
  • Opal RSpec - opal + rspec = <3
  • Opal Rails - Bringing Ruby to Rails · Rails bindings for Opal
  • Opal Router - Router implementation for Opal (very alpha)
  • Opal Scriptish - Scriptish support for Ruby scripting, with Opal.
  • Opal Shimmer - Shimmer is an application state and configuration management library built with Opal
  • Opal Slim - Sprockets integration to compile Slim templates for Opal apps
  • Opal Sprockets - Integration with Sprockets
  • Opal Starter Kit - Create Opal projects easily
  • Opal UI - A GUI Toolkit in your Browser
  • Opal aasm - Opal compatible version of Acts As State Machine with React.rb awareness
  • Rack Opal - Rack middleware to automatically compile ruby scripts to javascripts
  • Reactive Record - Ruby Opal + React + ActiveRecord = GOODNESS!
  • YASL - A pure Ruby serialization library alternative to YAML that works in Opal inside web browsers

JS Wrappers (Bindings)

  • Opal Airbrake - Opal wrapper for airbrake-js javascript library.
  • Opal Dagred3 - An opalized (ruby-fied) wrapper for the dagreD3 directed, acyclic graphing library
  • Opal Firebase - Firebase Wrapper providing a nice ruby syntax
  • Opal Highcharts - Ruby wrapper for Highcharts and Highstock javascript libraries
  • Opal I18next - Ruby wrapper for the i18next javascript library
  • Opal JQuery - jQuery for Opal
  • Opal Knockout - opal-knockout is wrapper of knockout.js for Ruby(Opal)
  • Opal Phaser - A fast and free Opal wrapper for the Phaser framework to develop browser-based games in Ruby!
  • Opal Phoenix - Opal wrapper for Phoenix Framework javascript library
  • Opal Pixi - Ruby wrapper for the Pixi.js graphical library
  • Opal Polymer - A starting point for building web applications with Polymer
  • Opal Processing - ruby-processing for the web, powered by Processing.js and Opal
  • Opal PunchDB - An Opal bridge to PouchDB
  • Opal Pusher - Opal bindings for the Pusher JS API
  • Opal Raphael - Opal binding for Raphael.js
  • Opal Sid - Hermit jsSID wrapper for opal
  • Opal VirtualDOM - virtual-dom wrapper for opal
  • Opal Web Midi - Web MIDI wrapper for Opal.
  • Reactrb - Opal Ruby wrapper of React.js library.
  • Stripe Opal - Stripe.JS wrapper for Opal
  • Three.rb - An Opal wrapper for Three.js to develop 3D browser applications in Ruby!
  • Tone.rb - Ruby wrapper for Tone.js



Live Applications



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