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Arduino library for interacting with NTC thermistors
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The Steinhart-Hart equation is the most widely used tool to interpolate 
the NTC thermistor resistance/temperature curve. It is a third order
polynomial which provides very good curve fitting.
	1/t = A + B * log(r) + C * log(r)^3
A, B and C are manufacturing coefficients for a certain temperature range.
These can usually be found in the data sheet.  
If you don't specify them this library will use the coefficients for the 
most common type of NTC thermistor.
Thermistor values denote their resistance at 25°C. A popular type would
be an NTC 10K which would give roughly 10 kOhms at that temperature point.

Although there are ways to calculate the coefficients yourself experimentally
it might be cheaper and easier to just buy a thermistor with known specs.

To get readings from a thermistor into your Arduino you will have to use
a conventional voltage divider circuit.

              ____         ____
    +5 o-----|____|---+---|____|---o GND
            NTC 10K   |     10K
PIN A0 o--------------+

For a tutorial on how to install new libraries for use with the Arduino
development environment please refer to the following website:

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