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The model source files of Fortress Forever

Note: The files in this repository are not guaranteed to be up-to-date with the compiled models that are currently distributed with the game.

Setting up Studiomdl

  1. Install Source SDK
  • In Steam, go to the Library tab and select Tools from the dropdown
  • Find Source SDK in the list and install it
  1. Setup Source SDK
  • Run Source SDK once (it will install some misc files and set the sourcesdk environment variable for you). Close it once it is finished.
  • Download and run setup.bat
  1. Set The Current Game
  • Open Source SDK
  • Select Source Engine 2006 as the Engine Version and Fortress Forever as the Current Game
  • You can now close Source SDK as it's no longer needed

Compiling a Model

If compiling the player models, simply run compile.bat inside player\ff_player_shared\compile and check the output for where Source SDK has put the resulting file.

To compile a model, use studiomdl.exe found in Steam/steamapps/common/SourceSDK/bin/ep1/bin. When you launch Source SDK (see setup instructions), an environment variable named SourceSDK will get set to the Steam/steamapps/common/SourceSDK directory path, so you can use %SourceSDK%/bin/ep1/bin/studiomdl as a shortcut to studiomdl that will work across different machines.

Example commands to compile the tranquilizer viewmodel:

cd weapons/tranq/viewmodel
"%SourceSDK%/bin/ep1/bin/studiomdl" v_tranq.qc

Assuming you followed the setup instructions above, the compiled models will be output into the Steam/steamapps/common/Fortress Forever/sdk directory (not into the main mod directory), so you'll need to copy the newly compiled files into Steam/steamapps/common/Fortress Forever/FortressForever

For more information about studiomdl, see


The model source files of Fortress Forever






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