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@saurabh6790 saurabh6790 released this Jan 8, 2019 · 1617 commits to master since this release

  • fix: fallback to stock uom if uom is not defined (#16329)
  • fix: Divide by zero exception fix in item wise purchase register (#16247)
  • chore: Updated DocType JSON Files to Clean Up Git Diff of Other PRs (#16356)
  • Replaced str to cstr in genral ledger report
  • fix :Test cases for accounts receivable report
  • Added Customer contact column in accounts Receivable
  • Added customer group column in item-wise-sales-history report
  • [minor] Employee is reqd to preview salary slip from salary structure
  • [Fix] Report quoted item comparison not working
  • fix: Added validation for stock reconciliation in stock ledger entry
  • fix: Codacy issues and added test case
  • Updated test Cases for update_child_rate_qty
  • Added validation for update items in purchase order as well
  • Validation while updating items in sales order
  • Fix for NoneType comparison with int error
  • Initialized loyalty_point_details
  • (Codacy Fix) Fixed indenttion
  • Loyalty program issue fix in customer dashboard
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