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A set of scripts to synchronize a kobo reader with popular cloud services
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A set of scripts to synchronize a kobo reader with popular cloud services. At the moment Owncloud and Dropbox are supported


Run the script . This will create a KoboRoot.tgz archive. Copy said archive in the .kobo directory of your reader (it is a hidden directory, so you might want to enable the visualization of hidden files) and restart your Kobo.


After restarting, plug your kobo back into the computer. Navigate to the .kobo directory. A new kobocloud directory should have appeared. Inside, edit the file kobocloudrc to add the links to the cloud services (one per line). Notice: No subdirectories are supported at the moment, so be sure that your books are all in the same directories that you are sharing.

Nextcloud (Owncloud)

To add a nextcloud (owncloud) link, open your nextcloud website in a browser and select the folder that you want to share. Click on "Share" and select "Share with link". Copy the link into the kobocloudrc file. Please note that you need a recent Nextcloud version. Owncloud is at the moment not tested, but should also work.


To add a Dropbox link, open your dropbox in a browser. Select the folder that you want to share and click "Share" and "Send link". Copy the link that appears into the kobocloudrc file.


Files added into a subfolder of the public folder of pCloud are also supported. Add the public link to the containing folder (starting with to the kobocloudrc file.


Restart your Kobo after making changes to kobocloudrc to make them effective.


The new files will be downloaded when the kobo connects to the Internet for a sync.


To properly uninstall KoboCloud, edit the kobocloudrc file so that it contains the word UNINSTALL in a single line (all capital, no spaces before or after). Restart your Kobo. The next time the Kobo is connected to the Internet, the program will delete itself. The directory .kobo/kobocloud will not be deleted: after connecting the ereader to a computer, you should move the files from the Library subfolder in order not to lose your content, and delete the whole kobocloud directory manually.


KoboCloud keeps a log of each session in the .kobo/kobocloud/get.log file. If something goes wrong, useful information can be found there. Please send a copy of this file with every bug report.

Known issues

  • No subdirectories are supported
  • Support of Google Drive can be considered if there is demand


Thanks to the defunct SendToKobo service for the inspiration of the project and for the basis of the scripts. Curl for Kobo was downloaded from here: . Thanks to NiLuJe for providing it! Thanks to Christoph Burschka for the help in updating this tool to the recent versions of kobo and nextcloud.

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