My wardrobe catalogue.
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This repository contains a React app built from a json file that I created. The json file is more or less an inventory of my wardrobe. I’m big on fashion but also big on minimalism, and after many years of using Wunderlist to catalogue my clothing, decided that maybe it would be more fun creating something myself.

I’ve downsized my wardrobe by a large amount over the years. It’s worth noting that I’ve donated over 60 standard bags (about 20 large garbage bags) of clothing since 2014, and that I was never able to complete my catalogue because of the sheer amount of clothing I owned. I estimate it must have been over 500 items at one point. Many items of clothing were purged before I could even get a chance to add them to my catalogue.

Now at 96 items (and counting and downsizing), I hope to maintain a full inventory through creating this app. Ultimately, this is an exercise for myself to learn more about JavaScript and React, after avoiding JavaScript like the plague for many years of my career as a front-end developer.

This project uses Create React App.

A small note that I don’t count shoes, underwear, socks, and workout gear in my inventory. And no, I’m not one of those women with 100 pairs of shoes.