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Docker image for Zotero Data Server
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Look at which is more frequently maintained than this repo

Docker image for Zotero Data Server

This image was build following the instructions for installing a Zotero dataserver at (, which is an updated procedure of this document.

Build the image

docker build -t zotero .

The resulting image is configured to run a dataserver on https://localhost/.

To customize the installation the following files must be edited:

  • SSL certificate: apache/zotero.{cert,key}. The current certificate is self-signed for localhost.
  • Apache site config: apache/sites-zotero.conf.
  • Dataserver: dataserver/ to match the site config.
  • MySQL credentials/passwords: mysql/setup\_db and dataserver/ accordingly.

The build procedure also creates a couple of test users using the user administration tools: test:test and test2:test2.

Start the dataserver

# 1st run. Named container simplifies the access (to the data) across runs
docker run  -p 80:80 -p 443:443 --name=FOO -t -i zotero 
# all the subsequent runs
docker start FOO; docker attach FOO

This will start the dataserver on https://localhost/. Because of the self-signed certificate some browsers may refuse to connect to the server.

Patch the standalone client to use the new dataserver

Following the procedure of ( Download the Zotero client, and change these two lines in resource/config.js inside the zotero.jar archive (zip)

SYNC_URL: 'https://localhost/sync/',
API_URL: 'https://localhost/',

If the server uses a self-signed certificate an exception should be added to the client. A cert\_override.txt file must be added to the user profile generated by zotero client:

~/Library/Application\ Support/Zotero/Profiles/<random>.default/      MAC
~/.zotero/Profiles/<random>.default/                                  Linux
c:Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/Zotero/Zotero/                     Win

The cert\_override.txt file can be generated with Firefox as explained here ( The override file in this directory corresponds to the self-signed certificate in the apache directory.

User administration

cd /srv/zotero/dataserver/admin 
./add_user 101 testuser  testpassword
./add_user 102 testuser2 testpassword2
./add_group -o testuser -f members -r members -e members testgroup 
./add_groupuser testgroup testuser2 member 

add_user is a patched version of the script from that allows to set the password from the command line.

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