Digital communication framework for IOT. Compatible with Arduino, ESP8266 and Teensy.
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PJON v6.2

PJON™ (Padded Jittering Operative Network) is an Arduino compatible, multi-master, multi-media communications bus system. It proposes a Standard and it is designed as a framework for digital communication. It is a valid alternative to i2c, 1-Wire, Serial and other Arduino compatible protocols. Visit the Wiki, Documentation and Troubleshooting wiki pages to know more about the PJON Standard.

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  • Configurable 2 level addressing (device and bus id) for scalable applications
  • Multi-media support with the data link layer abstraction or Strategy framework
  • Configurable 1 or 2 bytes packet length (max 255 or 65535 bytes)
  • Master-slave or multi-master dynamic addressing
  • Configurable synchronous and/or asynchronous acknowledgement of correct packet sending
  • Collision avoidance to enable multi-master capability
  • Selectable CRC8 or CRC32 table-less cyclic redundancy check
  • Packet manager to handle, track and if necessary retransmit a packet sending in background
  • Optional ordered packet sending
  • Error handling

PJON Protocol layer specification

Padded jittering data link layer specification

Compliant tools

PJON™ is a self-funded, no-profit project created (in 2010) and mantained by Giovanni Blu Mitolo with the support ot the internet community if you want to see the PJON project growing with a faster pace, consider a donation at the following link:

PJON™ and its brand are unregistered trademarks, property of Giovanni Blu Mitolo