Projects using LiveScript

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On GitHub, see Trending LiveScript repositories

  • nixar - Joyable equivalents for existent linux/mac/windows commands
  • cardsaround - Social network of useful contacts
  • grasp - JavaScript structural search and replace
  • - recommended base library for LiveScript
  • type-check - JavaScript type checking at runtime library with Haskell like type syntax
  • optionator - option parsing and help generation library
  • levn - Light ECMAScript (JavaScript) Value Notation - human written, concise, typed, flexible
  • dave - 2D platformer written in LiveScript
  • jscex-jquery - Async/Await support for jQuery 1.5+
  • q-jscex - Async/Await syntax support for Q promises
  • node-cluster-server - Simple multi-CPU cluster server manager for Node 0.6+
  • ethercalc - Node.js version of Multi-user SocialCalc spreadsheet
  • letris-solver - Simple web-based solver for Letris (and Draw Something)
  • - Ruby's STL written in LiveScript
  • Gusto - Tasty MVC for Node.js (see also Gusto-Blank)
  • okiba - LiveScript + express sample
  • moros - DOM processing utilities using multiple-dispatcher functions. Plays nice with NodeLists too
  • Slake Build Utilities - Build utilities for Slakefiles
  • jsk-togglable - Basic behaviours for togglable elements in a WebPage.
  • jsk-tabs - Basic behaviours for Tabbed components in a webpage.
  • brunch - LiveScript branch - HTML5 applications made easy.
  • yeoman generator-angular-ls A variant of the usual angular generator for HTML5 apps that supports sources in LiveScript, bootstrap, font-awesome.
  • express-livescript-assets - a LiveScript, express, connect-assets sample
  • LiveShell - Experimental shell written in LiveScript
  • cwbtw - Parse Taiwan weather data from
  • opencwb - Visualize Taiwan weather data and Typhoon information
  • Damas-Hindley-Milner type inference algorithm in LS
  • procjs - provides some command-line utilities for inspecting processes' status on a server
  • - Visualisation of the world's political, financial and corporate power structure.
  • Web Essentials 2013 - LiveScript editor and compiler for Visual Studio 2013
  • ojbtojson - A nodejs lib to stringify object to json.
  • nar - node.js application archive
  • croak - Grunt made easy for large and distributed projects
  • oml - Markup template engine based on Oli language
  • whatxml - a library for generating/templating XML/HTML with LiveScript's cascade syntax
  • livescript-cli-boilerplate - a template project for livescript CLI applications
  • rkeys - create tablet/HTML5 apps to send keystrokes to remote X11
  • ez-jenkins - CLI tool for Jenkins CI
  • tunnit - calculates number of hours for a text file
  • arch - Web application framework for React
  • ramda-cli - CLI tool for processing JSON with functional pipelines
  • react-selectize - A flexible and stateless Select component for React with MultiSelect support
  • pamatcher - A pattern matching library for JavaScript iterators.
  • aktos-scada - Realtime web based SCADA system for home/industrial automation and telemetry applications
  • Nodulator - Complete NodeJS Framework for RESTful APIs (
  • CleverStyle Framework - Simple, scalable, fast and secure full-stack PHP framework
  • Gloria - A programmable website notifications aggregator in Chrome
  • HabitLab - Chrome extension with various interventions to improve online habits
  • WebTorrent DHT - This is an example implementation of something that might become WebTorrent DHT
  • supercop.wasm - orlp/ed25519 compiled to WebAssembly using Emscripten
  • scada.js - Industrial distributed SCADA library for web, desktop and mobile
  • noise-c.wasm - rweather/noise-c compiled to WebAssembly using Emscripten and optimized for small size
  • async-eventer - A tiny library with asynchronous Promise-based implementation of events dispatching and handling
  • Ronion - Generic anonymous routing protocol framework agnostic to encryption algorithm and transport layer
  • Detox - Distributed P2P communications entirely in the browser
  • RSPB - Indonesian Hospital Information System
  • Web Izmerenie - A company's website

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Also see Companies using LiveScript.

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