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  1. LiveScript is a language which compiles to JavaScript. It has a straightforward mapping to JavaScript and allows you to write expressive code devoid of repetitive boilerplate. While LiveScript adds many features to assist in functional style programming, it also has many improvements for object oriented and imperative programming.

    LiveScript 1,984 154 Built by @satyr @jashkenas @gkz @rhendric @vendethiel
  2. JavaScript structural search, replace, and refactor

    LiveScript 1,151 34 Built by @gkz @adros @zboro @thirtyseven
  3. Privacy-aware recommendations to proprietary software.

    LiveScript 1,093 334 Built by @nylira @MenMan @vyp @lazlolazlolazlo @alerque
  4. LiveScript 616 119 Built by @furqanZafar @jmoulin-vp @dawee @elisherer @alurim
  5. Improved linux commands

    LiveScript 514 18 Built by @askucher @rclanan @arashthk @ArtskydJ @Xananax
  6. node.js application archive - create self-contained binary like executable applications that are ready to ship and run

    LiveScript 422 24 Built by @h2non @fred-o @groodt @waffle-iron @Mithgol
  7. enable REST in postgres

    LiveScript 407 25 Built by @clkao @hychen @poga @audreyt @littleq0903
  8. is a functionally oriented utility library - powerful and flexible, almost all of functions are curried. It is written in, and is the recommended base library for,

    LiveScript 389 51 Built by @gkz @johngeorgewright @vendethiel @audreyt @michaelficarra
  9. 🐏 A CLI tool for processing data with functional pipelines

    LiveScript 365 10 Built by @raine @waldyrious
  10. organize gdoc and hackpad for hackathons

    LiveScript 325 133 Built by @clkao @audreyt @jeffhung @zbryikt @dannvix
  11. un-opinionated S-expression syntax and macro system for JavaScript

    LiveScript 228 17 Built by @anko @isiahmeadows @machineloop @waldyrious
  12. a library which allows you to check the types of JavaScript values at runtime with a Haskell like type syntax

    LiveScript 162 9 Built by @gkz @EdwardBetts
  13. Web application framework for React by Red Badger

    LiveScript 161 13 Built by @charypar @robbiemccorkell @dpiatek @asavin @jameshopkins
  14. Create polls and get results in real-time.

    LiveScript 134 16
  15. geojson data for Taiwan

    LiveScript 104 52 Built by @clkao @zbryikt @kiang @yllan @kurorido
  16. A programmable website notifications aggregator in Chrome.

    LiveScript 98 3 Built by @BlackGlory
  17. JavaScript option parsing and help generation library

    LiveScript 96 7 Built by @gkz @pdehaan @raine
  18. Flexible, light weighted and super fast Progress Bar Library

    LiveScript 80 14 Built by @zbryikt @ceremcem
  19. [Unmaintained: please use jsverify instead] A property-based testing library for clearly specifying code invariants and behaviour.

    LiveScript 79 4 Built by @robotlolita @kennknowles @killdream @ethanresnick
  20. A curated list of g0v projects

    LiveScript 71 4 Built by @zbryikt @clkao @c9s @audreyt @cheweiliu
  21. The Unicode Map Project

    LiveScript 66 2 Built by @hakatashi @greenkeeper
  22. Helpers for managing plv8 javascript modules

    LiveScript 62 17 Built by @clkao @audreyt @solidsnack @poga @shirkey
  23. Erase All Kittens is a new open source HTML/CSS game about an evil rebellion, intent on destroying all kittens on the Internet. Learn to code whilst playing to help save the kittens, and consequently save the world!

    LiveScript 58 16 Built by @SomeHats @deesaigal @Myrtilletamere @absharry @wildnothing
  24. A Web tool for querying any data source (SQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis ...), and analyzing and visualizing the result.

    LiveScript 57 9 Built by @furqanZafar @homam @edgarzakaryan @jsonnull
  25. If you're using react, check out

    LiveScript 55 9 Built by @demux @ManUtopiK
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