iTerm2 is a terminal emulator for Mac OS X that does amazing things.
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Latest commit 0c50898 Jan 12, 2017 @gnachman committed on GitHub Merge pull request #321 from ptek/master
Whitelist ligature support for the Iosevka font family and add more varieties of PragmataPro
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ColorPicker Update color picker framework to fix crash when using eyedropper. Nov 28, 2016
Interfaces Add smart case sensitivity to find on page as the default option. Aut… Jan 2, 2017
Media.xcassets Add missing icon sizes to the App icon. Oct 10, 2015
Model.xcdatamodeld/Model.xcdatamodel Use Core Data to store command history and directory history. This is… Oct 12, 2015
OtherResources Fix imgcat support for PDFs, which have no pixel size in their NSImag… Nov 16, 2016
Pods Update pod xcodeproject for xcode 8 Sep 26, 2016
ThirdParty Silence some BS compiler warnings Dec 21, 2016
ci Fix how the path gets set in after_failure Dec 30, 2016
iTerm2.xcodeproj Add trigger for detecting prompts to allow faking more of shell integ… Jan 3, 2017
iTerm2.xcworkspace Add Cocoapods / workspace Jan 25, 2016
iTerm2XCTests Add smart case sensitivity to find on page as the default option. Aut… Jan 2, 2017
image_decoder Fix image decoder for PDFs (tested with U0300.pdf) Dec 5, 2016
images Remove unused F2 images Dec 23, 2016
plists Clean up finder service code a bit Dec 11, 2016
sources Whitelist ligatures for some PragmataPro font vatiants Jan 9, 2017
tests Add it2universion. Add labels to push and pop for unicode version. Jan 2, 2017
tools Merge branch '3.0.13' Dec 5, 2016
.gitignore Fixup .gitignore ignoring *.xcodeproj Jan 25, 2016
.slather.yml Add slather script Feb 2, 2016
.travis.yml Tell Travis to use xcode 8.2 Dec 30, 2016
Gemfile Add slather gem Feb 2, 2016
Gemfile.lock Add slather gem Feb 2, 2016
LICENSE Place license in LICENSE file for a more standard location. Leae READ… Oct 18, 2015
Makefile Try manual code signing for nightly build again Oct 3, 2016
Podfile Add OCMockito Jan 25, 2016
Podfile.lock Add OCMockito Jan 25, 2016
README.license README.license Jul 15, 2014 Add build status badge Feb 2, 2016
dsa_pub.pem Fix warnings Aug 7, 2010
iTerm2.sdef Add applescript to get and set color presets. Issue 4868 Jan 2, 2017
version.txt Fix version.txt Jun 30, 2016