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Google Go language IDE built using the Intellij Platform. Released both an integrated IDE and as a standalone Intellij IDEA plugin

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Google Go language plugin for IntelliJ Idea

Google go language plugin is an attempt to build an outstanding IDE for Google Go language using Intellij IDEA.

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Current WIP

We are working towards 0.9.16 release ( and the main things we want to fix are:

  • fix default imports of packages where the last part of the import path differs from the package name
  • remove dependency on environment variables and use IDEA configured paths only
  • add a supported alpha/beta channel so we don't have to push people to dropbox
    • build the app to support custom channels
    • wait for JetBrains to fix the issue with saving custom channels (fixed in IDEA 14 RC2)
    • define a way to build releases that can be automatically upgraded by IDEA
    • define an official URL for the alpha / beta channels
  • improve the documentation of what the plugin can/can't do
    • improve the usage docs for what it can do
  • various type inference fixes


What it does

  • Basic language parsing and highlighting
  • Code folding
  • Brace matching
  • Comment/Uncomment (Single/Multiple line) support
  • Go SDK (work with the latest release and on windows)
  • File type icon
  • Go application file and library generation.
  • Auto completion of sdk package names and/or local application packages.
  • Compilation of the go applications (supported semantics are similar to those of gobuild)
  • Go To definition (for types) works across files and Go SDK
  • Code formatting - experimental (disabled)
  • Type name completion
  • ColorsAndSettings page with a new color scheme
  • Automatically add new line at end of file
  • Force UTF-8 encoding for go files
  • Go module type
  • Go SDK indexing mode

How to use it

  • Download and install Intellij IDEA (Ultimate or Community edition) or any other IntelliJ IDE that is build on the IDEA 139.144.2+ platform
  • Open the Plugins installation page: File -> Settings -> Plugins -> Browse Repositories...
  • Search for "golang"
  • Right click on the proper plugin and install
  • Download latest release of the Google Go language.
  • Build and install it.
  • Open IDEA and create an empty Go project.
  • Go to File -> Project Structure and select SDKs entry in the left column of the new window
  • Add a new Google Go SDK by clicking the plus sign an choosing the appropriate SDK type. (See MacOS note below)
  • After the SDK is defined go to the Modules entry and add a new google facet to your default module. Select the proper sdk for the module.
  • If you have only one directory in the GOPATH and you are creating a project inside that path when you are working with packages that are part of the project you must still specify the whole import path for them, not the relative one. Example:
    • GOPATH is: /home/florin/go
    • the correct way to setup a project called demogo is: /home/florin/go/src/
    • new package is: /home/florin/go/src/
    • the correct import statement is: not newpack

Now you are ready to play with golang.

NOTE: In MacOS you may need to press ++G in Finder dialog and enter /usr/local/go if Go in installed using package installer)



If you found a bug, please report it at the Google Go plugin project's tracker on GitHub:

When reporting a bug, please include the following:

  • IDEA version
  • OS version
  • JDK version

Please ensure that the bug is not reported already.

EAP download

This is not supported anymore. We are in progress of defining a proper release channel for alpha / beta builds.


If you want to contribute to this effort you should read the following page: how to contribute.


Thank you

We would like to thank YourKit for supporting the development of this plugin by providing us licenses to their full-featured Yourkit Java Profiler. YourKit, LLC is the creator of innovative and intelligent tools for profiling Java and .NET applications. Take a look at YourKit's leading software products:

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