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A 360° media viewer for the modern web.
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A 360° media viewer for the modern web.

This is not an official Google product.

Check out our website at, including the demos and the documentation.

Please report bugs using the issue tracker. If you have any questions, head over to our discussion forum.

User guide

You can include Marzipano in your project in two different ways:

  • Obtain the marzipano.js and marzipano.swf files from the latest release at and copy them into your project.

  • Install Marzipano as a dependency using the npm package manager and require it as a module.

Developer guide

This is an npm-based project. A Node.js installation is required for development.

Some dependencies expect the Node.js interpreter to be called node. However, on Debian and Ubuntu systems, the binary installed by the nodejs package is called nodejs. To work around this, install the nodejs-legacy package, or use nvm instead.

You also need a Java compiler to build the SWF file containing the Flash renderers (set 32-bit Java path in your PATH, as MXMLC does not support 64-bit Java).

Run npm install to install the dependencies. If you haven't in a while, bring them up to date with npm update.

Run npm run dev to serve this directory at http://localhost:8080. While this script is running, the demos are live-reloaded whenever the source files are edited.

Run npm test to automatically run the browser-based test suite on all available browsers in your system.

Run npm run livetest to serve the browser-based test suite at http://localhost:7357. While this script is running, the test suite is live-reloaded whenever the source or test files are edited.

Maintainer guide

Before preparing a release, make sure there are no uncommitted changes and verify that the tests pass and all of the demos work correctly.

Update the CHANGELOG file and bump the version number in package.json. Create a new commit containing only the changes to these two files, tag it with git tag vX.Y.Z, and push it to GitHub with git push --tags.

Run npm run release to prepare a new release.

Run npm run deploy to deploy the release to the website.

Run npm publish to publish the release to the npm registry.

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