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How to use Blukon with xdrip

Grégory Beloncle edited this page Feb 25, 2018 · 13 revisions


  • xDrip+ installed
  • PIN code from Blucon
  • Blucon placed on top of Libre Sensor

To do:

  • Unpair Blucon (from any devices where you could have already paired your Blukon with) via Settings -> Connected Devices -> Bluetooth -> BLU00XXX -> Forget
  • Download and install latest version from
  • Install xDrip+ and Open App
  • Accept all app prompts
  • Make sure that Blucon is on top of sensor
  • Press reset on blucon
  • In the top left "burger" menu, open Bluetooth Scan and Scan for BLU00XXX device
  • Once found select it and enter PIN (PIN can be found on the side of the Blucon device)
  • xDrip+ should ask to start sensor, if not select Start Sensor from top left "burger" menu. Select the time/date you attached the sensor when asked.
  • Your Blucon should now be linked with your phone, you will now need to wait between 10 and 15 minutes.
  • After 2 BG readings from Blucon, xDrip+ will ask you to enter a calibrated value (blood prick).
  • Enter this now.

xdrip Bluetooth optimisations (Less Common Settings -> Bluetooth settings) select only:

  • Turn Bluetooth ON
  • Bluetooth watchdog

Important setting Less Common Settings:

  • Make sure Agressive servive restarts is enabled

Plugins (Less Common Settings -> Advanced Calibration)

  • Enable datricsae (under Calibration plugin)
  • and if you want [EXPERIMETAL] Non-fixed Libre slopes


  • Set a 6min "Missed reading Alarm"

Regarding battery:

  • best is simply to exchange it together with the sensor
  • Low battery will be detected and we suggest then changing it as soon as possible. Detection is still not perfect
  • @keencave: I think the edge measured with a voltage meter is < 2.8x V. In my test setup I feeded the system with an adjustable power source down to 2,65 V before I see the battery low indication message. As any battery has an idle voltage and an internal resistance this will lead to a slightly higher voltage in real life. I guess that the peak current to drive the RF circuit is too low with voltages < ~2.8x Vs. My last 4 batteries all have had a voltage > 2.8x V after 14 days and I got no battery low indication at all. Seems that 2.8 V measured with a voltage meter is a good citeria to check wether an unknown battery can be used or not. Fresh ones should have >3.2x V.

Credits to: @StoneISStephan and @gregorybel

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