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Headwind MDM: Open-Source Mobile Device Management System for Android: web-based control panel
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Headwind MDM - a platform for corporate Android applications

Headwind MDM is a Mobile Device Management platform for Android devices, designed for corporate app developers and IT managers.

(c) 2019 Headwind Solutions Ltd.


  • Enrollment to Android 7+ devices through scanning a QR-code
  • Work in "Application mode" without enrollment
  • Customize the mobile desktop design and available applications
  • Automatic deployment of applications through the web panel
  • Mobile device management: groups, configurations, device status
  • Setup the available mobile device capabilities (GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.)
  • Manage the automatic OS update mode on the mobile device
  • Extensible platform design allowing the custom plugin development
  • Collection of application logs in the web panel
  • Centralized configuration of corporate applications

The Enterprise edition of the platform has more features:

  • Restriction of mobile user functions ("kid's shell" for corporate users)
  • Disable to change the mobile device settings
  • Kiosk mode (COSU, single-task mode)
  • Sending images from mobile device to server
  • Cloud-based or self-hosted server setup
  • Premium support of enterprise users
  • Custom plugin development services

The enterprise edition may be ordered on the project website.

Quick start

Headwind MDM control panel is cross-platform (it is written in Java and uses Tomcat web server). However the best OS for the deployment of Headwind MDM control panel is Ubuntu Linux.

  • Clone the project and build it (see BUILD.txt for details)
  • Install the web panel to the server by using the installer script
  • Open the web panel and follow the hints to generate a QR code
  • Perform the factory reset on your Android device, tap 7 times on the welcome screen
  • Follow the instructions to scan a QR code and enroll the mobile agent


Headwind MDM is a platform making corporate app development easier. We are happy to get more powerful plugins related to mobile device management.

Please contact us on the project website if you'd like to:

  • develop a public plugin for Headwind MDM
  • suggest a feature
  • order the custom development
  • report a bug
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