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Provide the state of Cabal flags in an auto-generated module #826

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(Imported from Trac #836, reported by lemming on 2011-04-24)

I would like to query the state of cabal flags at configure time without CPP hackery. I would prefer to import an autogenerated module, that contains Bool variables with the names of the Cabal flags, just like the Paths module contains the paths of installed data files.

For instance if my Cabal file contains

Flag buildExamples
description: Build example executables
default: False
Flag buildTests
description: Build test suite
default: True
Flag debug
description: Compile with debug messages
default: False
and I install the package by

$ cabal install -fdebug
then the autogenerated module shall contain

module Flags_mypkg where
-- | Build example executables
buildExamples :: Bool
buildExamples = False
-- | Build test suite
buildTests :: Bool
buildTests = True
-- | Compile with debug messages
debug :: Bool
debug = True
Maybe this feature would also solve #778.
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