Archlinux Ultimate Install
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Project only accepting patches

This project is not actively developed but will accept PRs

Archlinux U Install

Install and configure archlinux has never been easier!

You can try it first with a virtualbox


  • A working internet connection
  • Logged in as 'root'

How to get it

With git

  • Increase cowspace partition: mount -o remount,size=2G /run/archiso/cowspace
  • Get list of packages and install git: pacman -Sy git
  • get the script: git clone git://

Without git

  • get the script: wget -O - | tar xz
    • an alternate URL (for less typing (github shorten)) is -O - | tar xz
    • an alternate URL (for less typing) is wget -O - | tar xz
    • super short wget -O

How to use

  • FIFO [system base]: cd <dir> && ./fifo
  • LILO [the rest...]: cd <dir> && ./lilo


  • Configure keymap
  • Select editor
  • Automatic configure mirrorlist
  • Create partition
  • Format device
  • Install system base
  • Configure fstab
  • Configure hostname
  • Configure timezone
  • Configure hardware clock
  • Configure locale
  • Configure mkinitcpio
  • Install/Configure bootloader
  • Configure mirrorlist
  • Configure root password


  • Backup all modified files
  • Install additional repositories
  • Create and configure new user
  • Install and configure sudo
  • Automatic enable services in systemd
  • Install an AUR Helper [yaourt, packer, pacaur]
  • Install base system
  • Install systemd
  • Install Preload
  • Install Zram
  • Install Xorg
  • Install GPU Drivers
  • Install CUPS
  • Install Additional wireless/bluetooth firmwares
  • Ensuring access to GIT through a firewall
  • Install DE or WM [Cinnamon, Enlightenment, FluxBox, GNOME, i3, KDE, LXDE, OpenBox, XFCE]
  • Install Developement tools [Vim, Emacs, Eclipse...]
  • Install Office apps [LibreOffice, GNOME-Office, Latex...]
  • Install System tools [Wine, Virtualbox, Grsync, Htop]
  • Install Graphics apps [Inkscape, Gimp, Blender, MComix]
  • Install Internet apps [Firefox, Google-Chrome, Jdownloader...]
  • Install Multimedia apps [Rhythmbox, Clementine, Codecs...]
  • Install Games [HoN, World of Padman, Wesnoth...]
  • Install Fonts [Liberation, MS-Fonts, Google-webfonts...]
  • Install and configure Web Servers
  • Many More...

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