A set of playing cards in SVG
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This is a fork of SVG-cards 2.0.1, which was created by David Bellot. He writes in the README of the original package:

This is a set of playing cards made in pure SVG with all kings, queens, jacks, numbers, jokers and backs of cards. This set of SVG files is intended to be used in games, figures, illustrations, web sites as long as you provide the code source and the LGPL license (see the COPYING file). Although this is a free software, the license is the LGPL so you can use this set of cards even in a non-free software.

The kings, queens and jacks are based on the french representation, because I find them beautiful. You can access to each either by rendering the file into a pixmap and clipping each card or by using their name with a DOM interface.

I agree with David that these cards are beautiful! I am grateful for his work and that he published them under an open source licence. However, while playing around with the SVG file containing the cards, I found that using the cards in SVG was not as straightforward as I would have liked. For example, I expected the following line,

<use xlink:href="svg-cards.svg#red_joker" x=40" y="12" />

to put the red joker card with its top-left corner at (40, 12). It does not, as it takes into account the place of the red joker in the SVG file: the card top-left corner shows up at (207.575, 750.55).

In this fork I translated all cards to set their top-left corner at the origin (0,0). After this change, the above USE element works as expected: it places the red joker card's top-left corner at (40, 12).

For transforming the cards after using them, it is good to know that the cards have the following natural dimensions:

  • width: 169.075
  • height: 244.64
  • center: (+98.0375, +122.320)

Furthermore, to enable to create different stocks of cards, I set the color on the back card to inherit instead of #0062ff. The color of the back card can be changed by setting the fill on the USE-element. For example:

<use xlink:href="svg-cards-indented.svg#back" x="150" y="10" fill="red"/>

The use of the cards are demonstrated in the example_use.svg file.

The naming of the cards is kept as in the original (citing the original README):

Names are the following :

black_joker red_joker back {king,queen,jack}{club,diamond,heart,spade} {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}{club,diamond,heart,spade}

Examples :

  • the ace of club is 1_club
  • the queen of diamond is queen_diamond

and so on...

I have also added a nicely formatted SVG file, svg-cards-indented.svg, which makes the SVG file easier to inspect using a text editor.

To automatically convert these SVG files to PNG I developed a separate project: svg-cards-to-png.

Finally, the licence has been updated to LGPLv3.