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You can learn how to use HTMLHint here.


  1. install & hint

     npm install htmlhint -g
     htmlhint -V
     htmlhint --help
     htmlhint www
     htmlhint www/test.html
     htmlhint www/**/*.xhtml
     htmlhint www/**/*.{htm,html}
     cat test.html | htmlhint stdin
  2. results

           L5 |    </head>
                   ^ <title> must be present in <head> tag. (title-require)
           L8 |    </body>
                   ^ Tag must be paired, missing: [ </div> ], start tag match failed [ <div> ] on line 7. (tag-pair)
     2 errors in 1 files
  3. config rules

    search .htmlhintrc file in current directory and all parent directories:

     htmlhint test.html

    custom config file:

     htmlhint --config htmlhint.conf test.html

    custom rules:

     htmlhint --rules tag-pair,id-class-value=underline test.html

    Inline rules in test.html:

     <!--htmlhint tag-pair,id-class-value:underline -->

JavaScript with node

  1. install

     npm install htmlhint --save
  2. Hint your html code:

     var HTMLHint  = require("htmlhint").HTMLHint;
     var messages = HTMLHint.verify('<ul><li></ul>', {'tag-pair': true});

JavaScript with browser

  1. Download:

  2. Hint your html code:

     <script src="htmlhint.js"></script>
         var messages = HTMLHint.verify('<ul><li></ul>', {'tag-pair': true});

About Rules

Read more about all rules: Rules

If rules is undefined, it will use default ruleset:

    "tagname-lowercase": true,
    "attr-lowercase": true,
    "attr-value-double-quotes": true,
    "doctype-first": true,
    "tag-pair": true,
    "spec-char-escape": true,
    "id-unique": true,
    "src-not-empty": true,
    "attr-no-duplication": true,
    "title-require": true

About .htmlhintrc

You can config the `.htmlhintrc' like this, and place the file in your project root folder:


    "tagname-lowercase": true,
    "attr-lowercase": true,
    "attr-value-double-quotes": true,
    "doctype-first": true

Load custom rules


module.exports = function(HTMLHint) {
        id: 'test-rule',
        description: 'test rule.',
        init: function(parser, reporter){
            var self = this;
            parser.addListener('tagstart', function(event){
                var tagName = event.tagName.toLowerCase();
                if(tagName === 'body'){
                    reporter.warn('Found body.', event.line, event.col, self, event.raw);

Load rules:

htmlhint --rulesdir ./rules/ --rules test-rule

How to report bugs

You can create a new issue in GitHub and describe your problem or suggestion.

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