A curated list of awesome Flask resources and plugins
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Awesome Flask Awesome

A curated list of awesome Flask resources and plugins



  • Framework
    • Connexion - Swagger/OpenAPI First framework for Python on top of Flask with automatic endpoint validation and OAuth2 support
    • Flask Kit - Flexible microkit for Flask microframework
    • flask-peewee - flask integration for peewee, including admin, authentication, rest api and more
    • Flask-MongoRest - Restful API framework wrapped around MongoEngine
    • Eve - REST API framework powered by Flask, MongoDB and good intentions
    • Flask-Restless - A Flask extension for creating simple ReSTful APIs from SQLAlchemy models
    • Flask-RESTful - Simple framework for creating REST APIs
    • Flask-RestPlus - syntaxic sugar, helpers and automatically generated Swagger documentation on top of Flask-Restful.
    • Flask-Potion - RESTful API framework for Flask and SQLAlchemy
    • enferno - A Flask-based Framework for the Next Decade
    • Flasgger - Create API documentation for Flask views using Swagger 2.0 specs
    • flask-restful-swagger - A wrapper for flask-restful which enables swagger support
  • Admin
    • Flask-Admin - Simple and extensible administrative interface framework for Flask
    • Flask-SuperAdmin - The best admin interface framework for Flask. With scaffolding for MongoEngine, Django and SQLAlchemy
  • Authentication
    • Flask-Security - Quick and simple security for Flask applications
    • Flask-Login - Flask user session management
    • Authomatic - Authomatic provides out of the box support for a number of providers using OAuth 1.0a (Twitter, Tumblr and more) and OAuth 2.0 (Facebook, Foursquare, GitHub, Google, LinkedIn, PayPal and more)
    • flask-googlefed - Google Federated Logins for Flask
    • Flask-OpenID - Flask-OpenID adds openid support to flask applications
    • Flask-Social - OAuth Provider Integration for Flask-Security
    • Flask-OAuthlib - OAuthlib implementation for Flask
    • GitHub-Flask - Flask extension for authenticating users with GitHub and making requests to the API
    • Python-Social-Auth - Social auth made simple
    • Flask-social-blueprint - OAuth OOP way
    • Flask-OAuth - OAuth Support for Flask
    • Flask-HTTPAuth - Simple extension that provides Basic and Digest HTTP authentication for Flask routes
    • Flask-User - Customizable user account management for Flask
  • Authorization
    • Flask-Pundit - Extension based on Rails' Pundit gem that provides easy way to organize access control for your models
  • Database/ORM/ODM
  • Database Migrations
    • Flask-Migrate - SQLAlchemy database migrations for Flask applications using Alembic
    • Flask-Alembic - A Flask Extension to provide Alembic integration with Flask
  • Session
  • Cache
  • Data Validation
    • Flask-WTF - Simple integration of Flask and WTForms, including CSRF, file upload and Recaptcha integration.
    • Flask-SeaSurf - SeaSurf is a Flask extension for preventing cross-site request forgery (CSRF).
    • Colander - A serialization/deserialization/validation library for strings, mappings and lists
    • Flask-Validator - Data validator for SQLAlchemy using ORM events
  • Email
    • Flask-Mail - Flask-Mail adds SMTP mail sending to your Flask applications
  • i18n
    • flask-babel - i18n and l10n support for Flask based on Babel and pytz
  • Full-text searching
  • Rate Limiting
    • Flask-Limiter - Flask-Limiter provides rate limiting features to flask routes
  • Queue
    • Flask-RQ - RQ (Redis Queue) integration for Flask applications
    • celery - Distributed Task Queue
  • Payment
  • Exception tracking
  • Metrics Tracking
    • flask-track-usage - Basic metrics tracking for the Flask framework
    • Flask-Analytics - A Flask extention that provide user navigation tracking
    • Flask-StatHat - StatHat extension for Flask
    • scales - Metrics for Python
    • flask-tracking - Tracking app for Flask that logs HTTP request and response information in a capped MongoDB collection
    • Flask-Analytics - Analytics snippets generator extension for the Flask framework.
  • Other SDK
  • Frontend (Asset Pipeline/CDN)
  • Development (Debugging/Testing/AB Testing)
  • Utils
    • Flask-Script - Flask extension to help writing external scripts for Flask applications
    • Flask-Split - A/B testing for your Flask application
    • flask-jsonrpc - A basic JSON-RPC implementation for your Flask-powered sites
    • Flask-Bcrypt - Flask-Bcrypt is a Flask extension that provides bcrypt hashing utilities for your application
    • Flask-AppBuilder - Simple and rapid application builder framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto form generation, google charts and much more
    • Mixer - Mixer is application to generate instances of Django or SQLAlchemy models
    • FlaskEx - Predefined help libraries for Flask
    • mimerender - Python module for RESTful HTTP Content Negotiation
    • Flask-Classy - Class based views for Flask
    • Flask-Principal - Identity management for Flask applications
    • Flask-ShortUrl - Short URL generator for Flask
    • Flask-FeatureFlags - A Flask extension that enables or disables features based on configuration
    • Flask-UUID - UUID url converter for Flask routes
    • Flask-Reggie - Regex Converter for Flask URL Routes
    • Flask-SocketIO - Socket.IO integration for Flask applications
    • Flask-Moment - Formatting of dates and times in Flask templates using moment.js
    • Flask-Paginate - Pagination support for Flask
    • Flask-CORS - Flask extension for handling Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), making cross-origin AJAX possible
    • Flask-Styleguide - A living Styleguide for your Flask application