HydraFW Binary mode guide

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HydraFW Binary mode guide

This guide is updated towards firmware release HydraFW v0.7 Beta: HydraFW (HydraBus) v0.7-beta-10 (May 12, 2016)

Binary mode description:

Like the bus pirate, HydraBus can be used inwith a more compact protocol which allows scripting its usage

Note All hex (0x00) or binary (0b00000000) values below represent a raw byte, not an ASCII string.


Enter binary mode

Send 20 0x00 (null bytes) to Hydrabus. It should then respond with the string BBIO1

Main mode commands

  • 0b00000000 Reset binary mode. Returns BBIO1
  • 0b00000001 SPI mode Returns SPI1
  • 0b00000010 I2C mode Returns I2C1
  • 0b00000011 UART mode Returns ART1
  • 0b00000100 1-Wire mode. Returns 1W01 TO BE DONE
  • 0b00000101 Raw-wire mode Returns RAW1
  • 0b00000110 JTAG mode. Returns OCD1
  • 0b00001000 CAN mode Returns CAN1
  • 0b00001001 PIN mode Returns PIN1
  • 0b00001111 Returns to console mode.

Related information

Information about the bus pirate binary mode is available here : http://dangerousprototypes.com/2009/10/09/bus-pirate-raw-bitbang-mode/

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