HydraFW NAND Flash guide

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HydraFW NAND Flash

Bus: 8x NAND flash
Connections: 14 pins
Output types: 3.3volt normal

This guide is updated towards Development firmware

For hardware shield supported see https://github.com/Baldanos/HydraFlash

Shield is now available for purchase : https://lab401.com/collections/hardware/products/hydraflash

Protocol configuration syntax description:

  • show Show flash parameters or show pins Show pins used in this mode

  • exit to exit flash mode

Configuration options:

Hardware Informations: Data connections (D0-D7) are mapped to PC0-PC7 on Hydrabus

nandflash> show pins 

Protocol interaction syntax description:

id Displays the result of a Read ID command on the NAND flash

Protocol interaction example

nandflash> id
IDCode : AD 73 AD 73 AD 
Status register : E0

Wiring example

NAND PIN Hydrabus PIN Signal
9 PB4 CE# - Chip Enable
7 PB0 RB# - Read/Busy
16 PB3 CL - Command Latch
17 PB2 AL - Address Latch
8 PB5 RE# - Read Enable
18 PB1 WE# - Write Enable
19 GND/3.3V WP# - Write Protect
29 PC0 IO0
30 PC1 IO1
31 PC2 IO2
32 PC3 IO3
41 PC4 IO4
42 PC5 IO5
43 PC6 IO6
44 PC7 IO7
12 3.3v Vcc
37 3.3v Vcc
13 GND Vss
36 GND Vss

Additional informations about NAND Flash

This mode is meant to be used using binary NAND mode

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