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HydraFW DAC guide

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HydraFW DAC (Digital to Analog Converter)

Output: 0 to 3.3V
Resolution: 12bits

This guide is updated towards firmware release HydraFW v0.9 Beta

DAC configuration syntax description:

  • Usage: dac <dac1/dac2> <raw (0 to 4095)/volt (0 to 3.3V)/triangle/noise> [exit]
  • DAC1 is mapped on PA4 pin (used by ULED)
  • DAC2 is mapped on PA5 pin


  • dac1 or dac2 to choose DAC1 or DAC2 device

  • Choose one of the following output type:

    • raw Raw value <0 to 4095>

      • Output real value in decimal and volt
    • volt Volt <0 to 3.3v>

      • Output real value in decimal and volt
    • triangle Triangle output (5Hz and amplitude 3.3V)

    • noise Noise output (amplitude 3.3V)

  • exit Exit DAC mode (reinit DAC1&2 pins to safe mode/in)

DAC example:

> dac dac1 raw 1
DAC1 Raw

> dac dac2 raw 4095
DAC2 Raw

> dac dac2 volt 1.256
DAC2 Volt

> dac dac2 triangle
DAC2 (Triangle Out)

> dac dac2 noise
DAC2 (Noise Out)
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