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How to Flash/Use HydraFW

How to Build/Flash/Use HydraFW

Developer Getting-Started with HydraBus and STM32CubeIDE


Firmware (hydrafw) performances

Firmware (hydrafw) Application guides

Firmware (hydrafw) guides

How to Help

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The first place to look for open tasks that you can help with is the Issues List.

The following list will be removed once everything is moved to the Issues List, completed, or obsolete. If you are interested in helping with any of these tasks, coordinate with the person in parentheses.

Try IRC first ( channel #hydrabus at, then email.

HydraFW v0.11 Work In Progress:

  • nlfx has Implemented serprog protocol SPI speed for flashrom (PR#124) (before it was hard coded to max speed)
  • UART Baud rate detector
  • Memory pool allocator for temporary buffers
  • Replace the CAN ID filter to a mask filter
  • TBD


  • Add new utilities:

    • Multimeter up to 3.3V/7.2MSPS(12bits) with logging in µSD file in real-time.
  • Bootloader idea using official HydraBus (bootloader) OpenMoko USB ID:

    • USB DFU boot like implemented in actual firmware by keeping UBTN pressed during power ON.
    • Read a configuration file from SDcard(if present) and boot a custom firmware from SDcard(execution in SRAM).
    • other idea TBD.
HydraBus specific:
  • Generate DAC output advanced mode using waveform and DMA to generate Sin, Square ...
    • Add Offset and Frequency parameter for waveforms.
  • 1-Wire:
    • Add overdrive mode
  • i2c:
    • Slave mode
    • Number of bits (7, 8, 10)
  • spi:
    • Number of bits (any number)
  • Waveform generator
  • Measure time between two pin states using hardware timer
  • New modes:
    • Parallel Bus (2 to 32bits) with mode sniffer, read and write (with option to log data in realtime to MicroSD) (depending on feedback)
    • 1 or 3 Wire with mode sniffer
    • Basic Scope up to 3.3V and up to 7.2MSPS/12bits
    • Nand Flash x16 support (WILL NOT BE SUPPORTED, see Nand support #12)
  • USB 1.x/2.0 LS/FS sniffer mode (using special passthrough mode with logging directly to MicroSD) (see USB sniffer capability #21)
HydraNFC specific:

HydraNFC Shield v1.0 is now superseded by HydraNFC Shield v2 in an other fork see for more details

Hardware Extension/Shield

  • Extension using EEPROM:
    • Implement support of EEPROM extension detection with same hw & content as Beagle bone defined here

Development Environment:

DONE (please test with HydraFW v0.10):

  • NAND flash mode. To test with more flash memories
  • Wiegand mode
  • LIN mode with HydraLINCAN shield
  • CAN1 and CAN2 with HydraLINCAN Shield
  • 1-Wire scan command with multiple devices
  • AVR flash / dump (do more tests)
  • Binary mode (to do more tests)
  • JTAG (with different MCU/CPU and report what work what do not work ...)