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Scrobbler for that supports multiple players.
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Trakt Scrobbler

Simple python project to automatically scrobble media information to Fully pluggable, which enables taking data from multiple players.


  • Uses guessit to extract media information from its file path. For cases when it misidentifies the files, you can specify a regex to manually extract the necessary details.
  • Scrobbling is independent of the player(s) where the media is played. Support for new players can thus be easily added.
  • Currently has support for:
    • VLC (via web interface)
    • MPV (via IPC server)
    • MPC-BE (via web interface).
    • MPC-HC (via web interface).

Getting started

Setting up


  • VLC: Enable the Lua Web Interface from advanced options. Don't forget to specify the password in Lua options.

    VLC Web Interface

  • MPV: Enable the JSON IPC, either via the mpv.conf file, or by passing it as a command line option.

  • MPC-BE/MPC-HC: Enable the web interface from Options.


The config is stored in TOML format. After editing, please use this website to validate the file.

Parameter Explanation
fileinfo.whitelist List of strings | Default: []
List of directories you want to be scanned for shows or movies. If empty, all files played in the player are scanned. You can prevent the program from scanning all played files if your shows and movies are located in fixed directories. If possible you should use this option to minimize traffic on the Trakt API.
fileinfo.include_regexes Dict of list of strings | Default: {}
If you find that the default module for identifying media info (guessit) is misidentifying some titles, you can specify the regex for that file path.
The regex should have posix-like path, and not Windows' \ to separate directories.
The minimum required information is the title of the file, and episode number in the case of TV Shows. If season is not found, it defaults to 1.
players.monitored List of strings
Specify players which are to be monitored for scrobbling. (Ensure that if both MPCHC and MPCBE are to be monitored, then their ports should be different.)
Other player specific parameters See sample config for the required attributes.


  1. Clone the repo to a directory of your choice/click "Download as zip" and extract it.

  2. Rename the sample_config.toml to config.toml and set the required values (See Configuration section).

  3. Ensure you have Python 3.6 or higher installed, and in your system PATH.

  4. Depending on your OS, proceed as follows:

    • Linux
      At the root of cloned project directory, run scripts/ This will copy the files to ~/.local/trakt-scrobbler, create the virtualenv, enable the startup service and finish device authentication with trakt.

    • Windows
      At the root of cloned project directory, run scripts\windows-install.bat. This will copy the files to %LOCALAPPDATA%\trakt-scrobbler directory, create the virtualenv, enable the startup service and finish device authentication with trakt.

    • MacOS
      I will try to make a install script for Mac soon. Till then, here are the manual steps you can follow:

      1. Inside the project directory root, run pipenv install. This will create a virtualenv, and install the necessary requirements.
      2. Run pipenv --py to find the location of python interpreter of virtualenv.
      3. Edit the scripts/trakt_scrobbler.plist file to add the correct folder path of the project.
      4. cp scripts/trakt_scrobbler.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents/
      5. launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/trakt_scrobbler.plist
      6. Type pipenv run python to start the program. You will be prompted to authorize the program to access the API. Follow the steps on screen to finish the process. In the future, the script will run on computer boot, without any need for human intervention.
  5. To enable notification support on Linux/MacOS, the dbus libraries need to be installed (Reboot after installation).

    • Ubuntu: apt install python3-dbus
    • MacOS: brew install dbus


Substitute the values according to your OS in the following steps

  • Linux:
    • Dir2: ~/.local/trakt-scrobbler
    • Kill app: systemctl --user stop trakt-srobbler
  • Mac:
    • Dir2: Depends on where you installed.
    • Kill app: launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/trakt_scrobbler.plist
  • Windows:
    • Dir2: %LOCALAPPDATA%\trakt-scrobbler
    • Kill app: Kill pythonw.exe from task manager


  1. Clone/download this repo at some place (let's call this Dir1)
  2. Kill app (method depends on OS).
  3. Delete the folder at Dir2.
  4. Run the install script from Dir1\scripts.


Feel free to create a new issue in case you find a bug/want to have a feature added. Proper PRs are welcome.



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