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@NGPixel NGPixel released this
· 12677 commits to main since this release
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Release Date: Mon, March 1, 2010 at 12:17 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

From Robert:

  • Moved old (1995-2003) liaison statements from the template file
    to the database. This requires applying database fixups as

    cd /a/www/ietf-datatracker/2.44/ietf
    PYTHONPATH=../ python dbshell < ../test/liaison_fixup.sql

    And updating the liaison files as follows:

    cd /a/www/ietf-datatracker/documents/LIAISON/
    . /a/www/ietf-datatracker/2.44/test/

From Pasi:

  • Use new look for more pages

  • Make obsoletes/updates/etc. lists links (with new urlize_ietf_docs
    template filter)

  • Always show year in /idtracker/status/ dates

  • /doc/rfcNNNN/: show the internet-draft name (if known) and link to its
    history; show information about post-RFC IESG processing

  • Use yellow for abstain also in /iesg/agenda/documents/

  • IESG ballot grid icon: show abstain as yellow instead of gray

  • IESG telechat agenda: include "private" links also if logged in, link
    from document list

  • Added /doc/all/ page

  • Better output if /doc/ search doesn't match anything

  • Show state-change-notice-to field in /doc/ (to AD/secretariat)

  • Make IESG telechat agenda feed discoverable

  • Added IPR/dependency links and edit/add buttons for RFCs, too; some
    template refactoring

  • Avoid exceptions from MySQL when searching for non-ASCII draft names/WG

  • Handle non-ASCII characters gracefully in old cgi-bin script redirects

  • IPR search: handle non-numeric RFC numbers/ID document tags gracefully
    (instead of uncaught exception)

  • Change Atom feeds (+couple of other places) to point to /doc/draft-..
    instead of /idtracker/draft-.../

From Henrik:

  • In, try harder to find a relevant email address.
    The new code will eventually fall back to a broad filter which matches that
    of the perl code which creates WG charter pages, where the old code would
    sometimes result in django-generated charter pages with missing email

  • Serve ipr disclosures which are available on the server directly,
    instead of through an external http link in an <iframe/>. The <iframe/>
    method can result in mixing https and http content in the page, which some
    browser take issue with.

  • Add back in rudimentary Django Admin support which was lost in the 0.96
    -> 1.1 transition.