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Release Date: Sat, March 20, 2010 at 11:36 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

From Robert:

  • Add the I-D expiration notification script.

*** Please add the following cron entry::

# Send notifications about pending I-D expirations.
42 4 \* \* 1 /a/www/ietf-datatracker/web/ietf/bin/notify-expirations

From Henrik:

  • Adding the south schema migration app (

  • Change the text of IPR search result to more correctly reflect the
    status of the search result when IPR has been found on documents related to
    a listed document, but not on that document itself.

From Pasi:

  • Use the new look for a bunch of additional pages

  • /admin/: fix login redirects to work with RemoteUserMiddleware; hide
    password changing functionality (which doesn't work with RemoteUser anyway)

  • /ipr/: remove separate list for updating

  • /wg/acronym/*: clearer warning about concluded WGs

  • A lot of various code and deployment cleanup

  • A lot of minor tweaks and fixes (tooltips, links, and more)

  • /doc/rfcNNNN/: include link to errata

  • /doc/rfcNNN/: include links to PDF/PS versions (if they exist); handle
    RFCs that are not available as .txt

  • Added meta description tags (to improve search result usability):
    drafts/RFCs, IPR disclosures, liaison statements

  • Cache/gzip meeting agenda and materials pages

  • If draft doesn't exist under /idtracker/, redirect to /doc/ instead of
    showing error

  • Show /doc/ad/first.last/ only for ADs, not other folks in IESGLogin

  • Fixed bunch of null/unique attributes for model fields

  • New script to check for violated database constraints (NOT NULL,