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Summary: IETF 79 Code Sprint
Release Date: Tue, November 9, 2010 at 9:42 AM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz


  • Added the last call e-mail event to the draft history page.

  • Added a search function for drafts on their respective mailing lists.
    Fixes issue #458.


  • Added tarfile and pdf-composite links and functionality to download
    working group documents from the agenda page. Fixes #539


  • Added column IPR to documnet table for WG docs and by AD docs, and also
    in search results. Fixes issue #497.


  • Make the idea of what is soon and new in the I-D and RFC lists


  • Fix for #467: History tab: Avoid HTTP/HTTPS warning for the diff tool form

  • Fix for #456: Make it possible for an IESG member to add a comment (for
    the document history) in the change document state dialog

  • Fix for #537: Remove redundant "by" info from doc history text.

  • Fix for #525. Adds more information to the document history tab,
    specifically changes to writeup, announcement and last-call text.

  • Fix for #372. Makes the position editing form display the name of the
    document being edited.

  • Fix for #526 and #530: Change the format of the notification email sent
    out when an AD posts a ballot position on a draft, it by default CCs that
    email to the authors and chairs, and adds some explanatory text to the body
    of those messages.


  • Changed the language used in the last call email to be closer to the
    language the tracker uses when no IPR declarations are found directly on the
    draft. Fixes #506

  • Retained search results on login. Fixes #482.

  • Added filename to the subject of Protocol Action and Document Action email
    messages (and fixed a bug that was preventing CC/BCC from being honored).
    Fixes issue #528.


  • Split the /doc/ tabs into separate pages. This fixes #533. (Eventually,
    this will use to ask the tabs to be prefetched when the
    first tab is loaded, as documented at, but as there is some
    issues with this which haven't been fully resolved, the prefetch part is not
    part of this release.)

  • Fill in the X-IETF-IDTracker header with the I-D Tracker version number.
    This fixes #513

  • Added support for admin site documentation


  • Updated IESG Agenda Section 3.3 title

  • Added fix for announcement email multipart bug, in part contributed
    by and

  • Other minor fixes