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Summary: Submission Tool Rewrite
Release Date: Tue, April 12, 2011 at 4:23 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

  • For this release, the idsubmit port from has been merged
    in, which constitute substantial added functionality. This integrates the
    draft upload functionality with the python/django datatracker; it improves
    draft submission handling and security, and fixes problems with database
    breakage and inconsistency caused by the old implementation. With this also
    comes a major improvement of author extraction from draft text, provided by
    the ietf/utils/ module from

  • Deployment note: Once the new release has been placed in its deployment
    directory, and the correct has been copied in, a command
    needs to be run in order to update the database tables to work with the new
    code. In the directory containing the ietf/ directory, run this command:

    $ PYTHONPATH=$PWD ietf/ migrate

    The output should be as follows::

    Running migrations for liaisons:

    • Nothing to migrate.
      Running migrations for submit:
    • Migrating forwards to 0003_add_extra_name_fields.

    submit: 0001_initial
    submit: 0002_add_submission_hash
    submit: 0003_add_extra_name_fields

    • Loading initial data for submit.

    Once this is done, the regular deployment routine should be continued.