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@NGPixel NGPixel released this
· 12119 commits to main since this release
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Release Date: Tue, May 3, 2011 at 10:37 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz


  • Do not allow cancellation of submissions with GET requests, and Ensure
    that get full url, approve and force views are called via POST
    request. Insert a button to perform the last step of autopost via POST
    request. Fixes #650

  • Do not assume that the two_pages_field field is not None. Fixes #651

  • Allow creation dates that are 3 days after or 3 days before the current
    date. Fixes #652

  • Change substate from Revised ID Needed to AD Followup if needed. Fixes #654

  • Fix expected revision for expired drafts. Fixes #656

  • Send announcements when posting new version of a draft. Fixes #649


  • Previous IPR information in last call announcements could be
    incomplete. Use a better search for IPR declarations related to a
    document, and include the IPR information in the last call preview.
    Fixes an AD request and a request from the IESG

  • When extracting meta-information from drafts, it is required that some
    data reside on the first page. Split unpaginated drafts into chunks so we
    can adhere better to this. Fixes a bug where submission filename was
    picked up (incorrectly) later in a document.

  • Wrap long lines in the save and send email view of AD ballot comments
    and discusses. Fixes a request from the IESG

  • Give development and test deployment a /robots.txt which doesn't permit
    robots. Avoids indexing of development servers by web spiders.