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Summary: WG Charter Management
Release Date: Mon, June 11, 2012 at 4:40 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release introduces major new functionality for managing WG charters
as documents. A large number of related and unrelated fixes has also been
included, an almost complete list is available below, latest first:

  • Added a debug utility module on the same level as south,html5lib etc.

  • Don't try to call get_profile() on a user if the method isn't available.

  • Merged in fixes from Ole, from branch/charter:r4382-4407, and some
    changes from Henrik (removing the use of pos.blocked in,
    and setting a ballot id in idrfc/ to make
    idrfc.EditPositionTestCase succeed.

  • Don't include interim meetings in those considered for the default
    meeting number for the /meeting/ url.

  • Tweaked the error messages for acronym collisions in the create-wg form.

  • Added quotes around the WG name in the state change text, for better

  • Applied a fix to missing nomcom chair in [4384] instead of [4385].

  • Made arguments to url help_charter_states match the definition in

  • Fixed a bug in picking up blocking text (patch provided by

  • Added a parameter to make the commitlog script useful for other branches
    than the current.

  • Catch exception which is raised if a nomcom NN group has been created,
    but no nomcom chair has been announced and added yet.

Merged in [4364] from

  • Expose how many pages each document contains on the docs on future
    telechats page. Fixes bug #828

Merged in fixes to the charter branch (r4345 - r4353 and r4354 - r4381)

  • Check and sanitize text file upload (code is factored out in a new
    helper so it can be reused elsewhere in the future).

  • Move charter state help to /doc/help/state/charter/.

  • Say "generate" rather than "edit" when there's no text in the boxes

  • Don't show diff box if there's only 1 entry (and itself).

  • Say "Charter" rather than "Recharter" on the charter /doc/ page if the
    group is proposed or a BoF.

  • Treat BoF as proposed WG.

  • s/WG/group/ in acronym clash error message.

  • Add a star to the required fields.

  • Fix test broken by previous commit.

  • Fix buggy new group acronym check.

  • Amend previous commit to generate writeups on entering internal review

  • Generate action and review text automatically.

  • Make phrasing sligtly more clear.

  • Make it move obvious what the change state view actually does by
    rephrasing the form.

  • Fix some phrasing bugs.

  • Fix terminology confusion and say "send ballot" rather than "issue
    ballot" to clear up that it is not actually created.

  • Fix wording of send ballot comment, the actual text was still specific
    to drafts.

  • Don't show edit button for snapshots.

  • Fix bug in hiding "external review needed" checkbox.

  • Create charters in state notrev instead of intrev, as a side effect
    this fixes a problem with comments not being saved when starting
    review on charter.

  • Use revision numbers to identify ballots and put a warning on closed

  • Fix bug in event description when copying over the final approved
    charter file.

  • Offer text from latest approved revision in case there's no initial text
    for a recharter submit form.

  • Reverse direction of revisions on charter /doc/ page to match*.

  • Change max acronym length to 10 instead of 8

Additional fixes from Henrik:

  • Fixed the signature of DocEventAdmin method (needs explicit self parameter)

  • Added various fixes and correction of merge errors.

  • Merged in fixes to the migration from

  • Merged in the charter branch from

From Adam:

  • Added a fix for empty .ics files