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· 11049 commits to main since this release
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Release Date: Fri, July 27, 2012 at 11:51 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This is primarily a bugfix-release, catching a lot of issues related to the
most recent few releases.

A few features have also been included, liste first:

  • Added support for IRTF liaisons.

  • Improved I-D submission author extraction code, adding support for
    extraction of affiliation, improved date format extraction, support
    for additional (unusual) name abbreviation patterns, and more.

Bugfixes. Not all fixes are mentioned here; for a complete list please see
the commitlog.

  • Fixed a language typo in the registration confirmation page.

  • Tweaked the community tracker notification email.

  • Changed and tweaked various I-D submission emails in order to 1) make it
    less likely that they would be classified as spam (better ratio of English
    text to hash urls) and 2) provide better consistency in formatting of
    key/value information.

  • From Fixed an URL in the agenda.csv file which hadn't
    been updated to match current naming conventions and code.

  • Added new RFC-Editor state tag AUTH48-DONE to the rfc-ed-queue mirror

  • Tweaked the meeting materials list to avoid duplicate rows for WGs with
    more than one slot, as long as the materials list is the same (which is the
    only thing supported by other parts of the system at this time).

  • Applied ballot popup patch from

  • Made links to other versions available also for expired documents.

  • Changed community I-D tracking rule update frequency to every hour.

  • Rewrote the view and template code for the meeting materials list,
    which was showing nothing. Better to do the rewrite for the new models
    than trying to dig into why the proxy models doesn't work any more.

  • Fixed id_abstracts to include drafts assigned directly to areas, not
    only individual and WG drafts.

  • Fixed 1wg-charters.txt (and friends) to not list the areas as if they were

  • Updated utils/ and modified the submit app code accordingly.

  • Merged in [4604] from, which fixes problems with the
    html agenda code related to the schema transition.

  • Ballot ids are limited to integers, rather than being descriptive as
    intended at one point. Adjusted the url regexes accordingly. Patch from

  • Introduced a line break to clean up the state display for tracked drafts
    a bit.

  • Make the link to the search form more prominent in the community list
    explicitly added documents page.

  • Sorted WGs in the community rules drop-down list by acronym rather than
    WG name.

  • Provided a more comprehensive document state indication. May need
    further refinement.

  • Tweaked the community tracker links in the lefthand menubar to avoid
    line breaking for the WG documents link visible to WG chairs.

  • Enabled the check for existing account, disabled when we started using
    self-service http password reset, but hadn't started creating accounts yet.

  • Refactored the two confirm*() methods in ietfauth/; they need the
    same processing, only the templates to use differ.

  • Fixed the back-link on personal list email subscription confirmation page --
    it just lead to the confirmation page itself, now leads to read-only list

  • When logged in as secretariat, at /iesg/agenda/ or
    /iesg/agenda/documents/, and clicking on the position matrix for a
    document, the overlay window would give a code 500 error, because of a
    missing ballot id in the templates' url lookup. Fix this by providing the
    ballot id.