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Release Date: Wed, August 22, 2012 at 12:57 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

  • Merged in [4772] from, a big chunk which in itself
    combines a number of separate fixes:

    Liasion Manager:

    • Patch from Yaco to avoid resetting the From field when changing other
      items on the form

    • Gave the secretariat the ability to find/approve any unapproved

    • Changed all the email code to use ietf.mail.utils (and removed the
      fake-mail concept)

    Charter documents and the Agenda pages:

    • Added charter documents to iesg/agenda and iesg/agenda/documents

    • Synced the ordering of drafts on iesg/agenda and iesg/agenda/documents

    • Allow setting a responsible AD for charter documents

    • Changed the UI of the charter page to use editlink for changing
      attributes and buttons for actions (to align with drafts and

    Moderator package:

    • Refactor: Simplified access to the current BallotDocEvent from a

    • Added functions to BallotDocEvents? to faciliate access to
      BallotPositionDocEvents?, both for all positions, and current AD postions.

    • Updated the moderator package to use the Documents from _agenda_data.

    • Added a filter to assist with rendering the moderator package.

    • Fixed a bug where different functions in idrfc/views_ballot were
      using log_state_changed expecting different implementations (a cleanup task
      should reconcile the three implementations in the codebase of that

    Cleanup from codesprint:

    • Removed some duplication between doc/util and doc/models by moving
      things into doc/models

    • Do not show non-empty discuss text when the ballot position is not

    • Added a migration to update non-blocking ballot positions that have
      non-empty discuss text

    Please be aware that migration step will take a few minutes to complete.
    Fixes issue #865

  • Tweaked the author extraction code to handle company names in the author
    list on the first page, when the company names contain a comma, such as
    for instance Foo Bar, Inc.

  • Added support for get_file_path() for conflrev documents based on branch
    /personal/rcross/v4.32@4722, but tweaked to return only the directory, not
    the full directory+name+ext path, in order to behave the same way as for
    other document types.

  • Merged in [4746] from
    Adding slides to agenda page

  • Merged in [4738] from
    Added a link to the cookie page, at Robert's request

  • Merged in [4737] from
    Fixed profile update page to keep Alias table up to date. Also, roles
    for inactive groups are no longer displayed on the profile page.

  • Applied fix from Remove old document filtering
    which is now to strict, letting conflict review documents show in the iesg

  • Applied fix from Display meeting materials with
    correct ordering.

  • Removed the ValueError exceptions introduced in the previous revision
    of the draft author extraction code. Fixes issue #858.

  • Fixed problem with diff links which erroneously included a template
    variable interpolation.

  • Fixed problem with displaying ISE stream documents.

  • Fixed the update password request form to not give an error for
    existing accounts ,:-)

  • Fixed some parameter names in the ietfauth urlconf which had reverted to
    an old form in a recent merge.

  • Used the .plain_name Person attribute in the agenda documents form
    instead of the full .name attribute.

  • The call to liaison_manager_sdos() in set_organization_field was
    missing a Person parameter -- added it.