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Release Date: Sun, December 16, 2012 at 6:30 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This is a minor bug-fix release of the datatracker. It fixes issues with
presentation of IESG discusses and comments, anchor names in the materials
list page, details of the 1wg-summary.txt page, and some other minor issues.

  • Merged in a patch from to handle different
    documents better in the agenda JSON output.

  • Added simple logging of test runs, to make it easier to be sure that
    tests has been run successfully on the latest code.

  • Added a new field, #16: draft AD (name and email) to all_id2.txt

  • Made the IPR country field wider to accomodate IPR disclosures
    referencing many patent instances in many countries.

  • Updated draft submission author extraction module to handle dash-separated
    double given names.

  • Tweaks and fixes to the IESG scribe template templates.

  • Added a filter for use in displaying document comments and discusses
    which unfortunately sometimes use html
    markup, which should give line
    breaks, and sometimes contain email@domain which should not be
    interpreted as html, but rendered as <...

  • Limited the 1wg-summary list and friends to WGs, (excluding the iesg
    area which lists the areas as subgroups, for instance).

  • Resolved a naming conflict between the builtin messages framework and a
    variable named messages in wgcharter.views.change_state. Fixes issue #901.

  • Tweaked the handling of the syslog module not being available on

  • Fixed what may have been a regression in the form of the anchors in the
    materials list page.