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· 10802 commits to main since this release
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Release Date: Wed, February 27, 2013 at 10:24 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release is a minor release, with bugfixes and some enhancements
to the community draft-tracking feeds.

For detailed commit messages, please see:

  • Added a set of help pages for document states, and dded links from the
    new IANA states to help pages describing the different states.

  • From
    Fixed a bug in the state change logging which caused the wrong document
    state log entries in some cases.

  • Merged [5426] from
    Make sure that the same rule cannot be entered twice in a community

  • Merged [5425] from
    Modify atom change feed so that

    1. It returns the last 14 days of changes rather than the last 20
    2. Change the atom template so that it has correct time offsets rather
      than saying that PST and UTC are the same
    3. Change the atom template so that it uses content rather than
      summary and return HTML content with line breaks as needed.
  • Merged [5424] from
    Close the image tag. An empty image tag displays on IE although it
    does not display on Firefox.

  • Added variations on the recognized date formats during submitted draft
    parsing, such that comma need not be followed by whitespace in the formats
    using comma as a separator between some of the fields. Added extraction of
    drafts referenced by a document, in addition to RFCs referenced.

  • Modified the set of permissible parents for session groups, in order to
    permit an IAB-sponsored BoF to appear on the agenda.